Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bloggers Yogurt Nation Invasion

It is always a joy seeing all the blogger-friends that I’ve met from previous events and more enjoy to meet new ones. It was always a party when we get-together sharing different stories and tips on how to improve one’s blog.

There are also times that all we do is sharing gossips from the blogsphere, which is kinda fun and at the same time an eye-opener. Hehehe.

So, this time, as we see each other again, our passion and our love for blogging brought us to Yogurt Nation! Wee!

Located at the Bonifacio Global City, Yogurt Nation is one of the newest names that are competing in the market of frozen yogurts or “fro-yo” to some.

As everyone gets addicted to fro-yo making it their “diet meal”, different names sprout out everywhere giving indulgence to this addiction, and Manila bloggers are so lucky that Yogurt Nation hosted our fro-yo night! Thanks, Yogurt Nation! Muah!

So, with six different flavours of frozen yogurts at Yogurt Nation, everyone got a chance to taste all of it and really enjoy the refreshing and very delicious fro-yo.

From the Original Flavor, which is still my favourite fro-yo, to Cranberry, Melon, Ube, Strawberry and Mango, you can enjoy all the fruity goodness of frozen yogurts in this store.

They also have a wide variation of toppings which we all loved.

And though, the place was too small for us, what we thought that frozen yogurt fanatics will surely enjoy is their price. Yogurt Nation costs Php23.00 per oz and comes in 2 sizes, small, which is 4oz, and big, which is 7 oz.

Small Cup - 4 oz.

Big Cup - 7 oz.

Yogurt Nation has also an extension where friends can chat intimately and enjoy a more sumptuous dinner - The Lounge

I got to taste some of their dishes, and I'm proud to say that they were all delicious. Though, I think that prices are kinda expensive.

YN's Club - Php175.00

Beer-y Fish - Php288.00

Roma's Chop

Indeed, the pictures will tell you how we got to enjoy these special treat from Yogurt Nation.

So if you have a time, feel free to drop by in Yogurt Nation and these delicious treats that will give you a refreshing feeling.

Thanks gain, Yogurt Nation!
Count me in as one of you citizen, ayt! ;-)

Yogurt Nation
The Sapphire Residences, Unit 1D and 2D
31st street corner 2nd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 

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