Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breakfast at Baguio's Casa Vallejo

By now, I know most of you are so excited for this week to be over. With the culminating activity of Panagbenga Festival happening in the cold and lovely Summer Capital of the Philippines this weekend, I'm sure that your bags are already packed and your itinerary is good to go. But just in case something went wrong, like stuck in the traffic since Session Road will be closed for traffic for the festivity and you are hungry and wanted to have some decent food, I suggest that you head to Casa Vallejo's Hill Station.

Perfectly located at the sprawling Session Road, where old and new meets in Baguio City, Casa Vallejo is actually one of the oldest structures in the city that is being preserved until now. Built in 1909, Casa Vallejo offers an American-inspired ambience adding romance and class to the whole City of Pines.

But before we go back in time to find out more about the place, let's go back to the main reason why I went here and why am I sharing this blog - FOOD!

Maple-flavored Pancake and Homemade Longganisa

Nestled peacefully and exquisitely inside Casa Vallejo Hotel is its in-house restaurant, the Hill Station. Offering its in-house and walk-ins guests with some of Cordillera's most admired and requested dishes, Casa Vallejo's Hill Station was our morning savior when we went up to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival 2013.

Believe me when I say that the traffic situation in Baguio City during Panagbenga Festival is horrendous. Even hailing a cab is so hard, so before you tire your self out and make yourself so hungry from walking, I suggest that you situate yourself on a nice area where you could see the beautiful street dance parade and float parade while enjoying the beauty of the city that was once an American soldier's camp.

Garlic Red Rice

Casa Vallejo's Hill Station offers an array of delectable, empowering and really comfortable breakfast meals that are just perfect to start one's colorful and blossoming day. From their fluffy and really good pancakes, to hearty and freshly made Filipino dishes, one can find tranquility inside the place while waiting for the grand Panagbenga parade to start.

On our visit here, we were surprised how good their dishes were that every aroma, taste and look complements well with the ambiance that the place shares.

Pinoy Breakfast
(Baguio home-made longganisa, boneless bangus, eggs,
chopped tomatoes, pickled cucumber, garlic rice)

I personally love their maple-flavored pancakes that comes with this homemade longganisa. They both share really enticing flavors and comforting feel that I enjoyed that cold morning. Though it wasn't that filling, I'm glad that that's what I had because it was just perfect for that inspiring day.

On the other hand, my friends who devoured the Pinoy Breakfast, likewise enjoyed their longganisa. The Bonuan Bangus, which is famous because of its garlicky flavor and tender meat, also got some good shoutout from my friends who are into fishes.

The whole plate can accommodate four people, but if you are all too hungry, don't worry, because they have more options to choose from, which includes ham, bacon, toasts and drinks to warm your body.

We would love to stay longer in their comfortable and lovely American dining room, but the drums were rolling outside signaling the coming of the beautifully decorated flower floats.

Thank you, Casa Vallejo's Hill Station, for letting us experience your goodness and for letting us enjoy the beauty of Panagbenga Festival for free! I just hope that your beautiful city will keep you and stop threatening you with demolition - that is a very stupid idea, honestly.

Until next time! Happy eating!

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