Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dinner with Kok's Manok!

A few days ago, I got a message on my Facebook page asking me if I'm willing to try their product and in return, if I enjoyed it, I'll tell about it on my blog. To be honest, I'm quite hesitant to do this, specially that I'll be tasting only one dish, but when I finally had a chance to try it, well, I guess, there's really a reason to write about it and share my experience about Kok's Manok!

Originally from Imus, Cavite, this roasted chicken, which is brought about by some home-cooking experiment of a young lady named Koko Tamura, is what filled my tummy one night at home. And though I'm not really expecting it to be that great, my mom, whom I shared this chicken with, told me as I'm unwrapping it from its foil wrapper that the aroma reminded her of the roasted chicken she used to love when she was still young.

I do not have any idea as to what she's saying because I'm an Andok's generation, but upon tasting this Kok's Manok, I must admit that its taste is fairly unique compared to the other roasted chickens that we have here in Manila. So, yes, I got to enjoy this one. 

The skin may look that it was not that roasted, but I guarantee you that the meat inside was perfectly cooked. It was actually perfect that in tears easily from the bone and melts so nicely in the mouth. 

Do not forget to dip it in one of these sauces for you to fully enjoy this tasty dish from Kok's Manok. The red sauce is a specially concocted banana ketchup while the black one is a soy sauce mixed with calamansi and other secret ingredients. I personally like the soy sauce with calamansi because the flavor is so Pinoy and more enjoyable specially since I ate the chicken with a steaming white rice.

A whole chicken will cost you Php189.00, but you can purchase a half or even a quarter of it at a lower price. Kok's Manok also sells their chicken with rice, and each order that goes with unlimited rice is only Php89.00. I'm just not sure what chicken part is this.

Right now, they only have one store, and it is in Patindig Araw 4103 Imus, Cavite. They are open from 4:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. And they do delivery, but I believe this is only within Imus area. 

If you wanna know more about Kok's Manok, feel free to follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/koksmanok.

Thank you, Kok's Manok! I can;t wait for you other dishes that are coming very soon!

Happy eating, everyone!

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  1. yan ang style ng manok na hinahanap ko
    naalala ko nung year 1979 hahhaa.. ganyan ang handa ko pag birthday ko


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