Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Banapple Greenhills - You Complete Me!

I've been wanting to try Banapple since I saw its branch here in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Unfortunately, with the whole nine-yard of workaholics all lined up there - and around it - every lunch time, my wish and tummy craving remain a lifelong dream.

But last week was a different story.

I got a text inviting me to have a taste of the food that I wanna try for the longest time. And there at Northeast Square in Greenhills, San Juan settled a fine looking foodie venue that really perked up my appetite that day - Banapple! Wee!

The colors, the interior and the spot - it was all perfect for that day! I have a big appetite all ready to indulge at this very appetizing place.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Julie's Bakeshop: 30 Years of Freshness

I have a confession to make. I'm one of those people who can't have a great day without a piece of bread on my breakfast table every morning. And I guess, it is one of those Filipino traits that I inherited and will keep on doing til I die.

Anyways, enough with the drama!

I was invited last week to check out that latest innovation on the bakeshop that has been a good neighbor to all of us for the past 30 years - Julie's Bakeshop.

I honestly didn't know that they are celebrating their 30th year now - how time flies so quick - so when I got to meet the people from Julie's Bakeshop-Metro Manila, headed my Mr. Bienvenido Topacio or Sir Bien, as what he wants us to call him, he shared to us the inspiring story as to how Julie's Bakeshop managed to stay in the business for this long and keep on giving every Filipino fresh, out-of-the-oven goodies that's making every Pinoy's life complete and sweet! ^_^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

XO46 Bistro Filipino: Sharing Delicious Heritage

Designed with utter elegance and style, XO46 Bistro Filipino just opened its doors to the workaholic employees of Makati just two months ago with their heritably menu that will surely fit in to the rising demands of delectable dishes in this city.

Under the expert skill and talent of Chef CK Kalaw, XO46 Bistro Filipino competes with the wide number of world-renowned dishes that were serve as specialties by different restaurants and hole-in-the-walls in this highly urbanized conurbation.

Chef CK Kalaw

And last week, as I got a chance to meet one of its owner, Sandee Siytangco-Masigan, I was taken back to that era of classiness and sophistication -  with the comforting side well kept.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guimaras: More Than Just a Mango Province

On my first-ever visit in this beautiful paradise, I'm really on-board for some mango love from them. Known as the greatest source of the sweet mangoes in the country, your eyes will be mesmerized to the thousand of mango trees scattered all over the province making it a mango heaven for me. But did you know that aside from these refreshing mangoes,  Guimaras offers tummy-filling treats that tourist would love to enjoy?

We stayed at Raymen Resort during our visit here since it was suggested by a friend who lives here and Raymen Resort was said to be the modest place to stay in.

We arrived at Raymen around 3:00 p.m. We were really starving to death when we arrived since we came from a very long trip - Manila-Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras. So, right after we fixed ourselves and had some-minute rest in our room, we headed to their clean and decently looking canteen to check out their simple menu.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Breaded Chicken Bowls from Angel's!

Angels' Pizza Pasta Combo now leveled up the game against it's competing fast-food  and pizzeria with the creations of their latest offering that I'm very sure every Pinoy who loves rice would be grateful - the Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo Breaded Rice Bowls!

Breaded Rice Bowls - So Breadelicious!

Yes, you read it right! One of our favorite pizza chains now offers delectable and comforting rice meals that are just perfect to our demanding taste buds and pockets! With a price of Php95.00 per bowl that comes with a glass of Iced Tea, you'll get to enjoy three mouth-watering flavors that represents three popular cuisines in the world.

When I and two of colleagues in the office decided to order these new dishes last week, we decided to have one of each flavor so that we can taste it and compare one from the other.
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