Friday, November 11, 2011

Cafe Monsees: Heavenly Goodness at Quezon City

Tomas Morato, Timog Avenue, Trinoma and Libis - these are probably the names of the places that one would utter when asked where to eat in Quezon City. But did you know that somewhere down in Katipunan Avenue, despite of that highway being too busy serving the school boys and school girls of Ateneo and U.P., a heavenly bakeshops offers the most heart-warming kinds of bread that you could find in this City of Stars. With it's name that came from one of the owner's, who is also a monsignor, Cafe Monsees is ready to serve a cloud of happiness to everyone!

Last Monday, since it was a long weekend, I graced an invitation to check out this place where they say heaven and earth meet. It is located along the the bustling street of Katipunan Avenue in White Plains, Quezon City, which to me, was very uncommon. But despite of its uncommonness to me, I braved in and let the burning excitement in me comes to life.

With its two red doors standing side by side, Cafe Monsees is very hard to miss. It is adjacent to other local foodie places that's why asking the cab driver to take us there was no problemo.

Cafe Monsees has been opened since November of 2010, but before it opened its two bright red doors here in Katipunan, Chef-owner Marina Demetrio, who happens to be a lawyer too, has been selling pasties and cakes since the 90s. Her great love with leche flan and fruit cakes gave her a new goal in life and in 2007, she took a serious course on Bakery and Pastry Arts at the International School for Culinary and Hotel Management (ISCAHM).

Chef-owner Marina Demetrio

The interior of Cafe Monsees resembles to a fine-dining French restaurant, but according to Chef Marina, the place was actually inspired by Meryl Streep's bakery in the movie "It's Complicated." 

Who would've thought that we really have "Julie/Julia" here in QC? Lovely!!!

Anyways, Cafe Monsees is also co-managed and co-owned by four more people who happen to have one common denominator - FOOD. They are Chef Bubbles Cruz-Lerias of ISCAHM, John Escolin, a banker, coffee connoisseur and food entrepreneur, Charles Escolin, a lawyer too and law professor at a university and lastly, the monsignor himself, Reverend Monsignor Vicente Bauson. And that's why from being just a "bakeshop", after a year of opening, Cafe Monsees now sizzles our appetite more with their tummy-filling pasta, rice and special dishes that are ready to make us happy!

But since it was our first visit to this place, they offered us the one that they really take pride of, BREADS, CAKES and PASTRIES!

Just by looking at them, I know that they're all delicious. The doughnuts look so Krispy Kremelicious to me, and with its Php30.00-per-piece price, I know that this will be a big hit soon!!! 

As for the cupcakes and muffins, the price ranges from Php45.00 to Php60.00. Equally appetizing but surely sweeter. :-)

Despite of me being a sweet-tooth, do you know what stole my heart first when I visited Cafe Monsees? Their breadsticks!!!

Comes in 15 delicious flavors, each pack is like a bundle of happiness because of the wonderful variants that are always available when you visit this place! And since it comes in 15 different flavors, the price varies too. The most affordable one is the Garlic flavor at Php65.00 and the pricey one is the Pistachio at Php140.00.

Other flavors are Sour Cream and Onions, Cheese, Flaxseed, Italian Herb, Garlic and chives, Whole Wheat, Basil, Cheese Pimiento, Dill and Cheese, Pesto Pine Nuts, Choco Hazelnut, Milk and Butter and Almond! Wonderful, right? I think these bundle of happiness are great Christmas gifts too this upcoming Yuletide Season.

As for the "real" breads, here's what we had that day.


Potato Flat Bread

Pan de Oliva (Rye Bread)

Virgin Olive Oil

Among these three regular breads, I personally liked their Potato Flat Bread. Their Focaccia was really good too, it's just that I find the Potato Flat Bread really impressive. The softness of the bread was the thing that made me eat 4 of them. Haha!

And because we were all feasting the freshness of all of these breads, Chef Marina offered us her next dishes that made us all say WOW!

Callos - Php2,000.00  per pan

Cocido (no price yet)

Their Callos is one of the best Callos I've tasted in my life, I must say. I matched it with the breads and I really enjoyed its rich and creamy taste. I asked Chef Marina if she has a Spanish blood, and she said that she doesn't have. I asked her again on how come she prepared these Spanish dishes to us, she just said that they find it festive and perfect for a group of people. And because of that she might add them to their list of Special Dishes that you can order from Cafe Monsees. :-)

As for the Cocido, Atty. Charles, who was also there accommodating us, told us that the best way to enjoy the Cocido is have it with a splash of balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil and a pinch of rock salt. It was our first time to encounter this kind of dish, so we followed him, and yes, Cocido made this feast more tummy-filling!

I honestly cannot remember how many breads I had that night after having that Cocido, but one thing I'm very sure, I'm still craving for more of that Callos and Cocido despite I know that I'm already full! Hahaha! It was really delicious, promise!

Chef Marina let us rest after  enjoying her dishes, so gave us this small cup of hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

But after few sips, she surprised us with more offerings that are just so hard to resist. And with a smile-slash-smirk on her face, she told us "dessert." 

Cheeserolls Petite

Zucchini, Carrot and Chocolate Cupcakes

It seems that it wasn't too obvious that were already full, so she also took out some more, fresh-from-the-oven Pan de Montsi, one of their famous breads, and her personal favorite Cholesterol Special.

Pan de Montsi

Cholesterol Special - Php1,500.00 per pan

It was really a jaw-dropping moment for us. These last four treats were truly remarkable. The Cheeseroll has this very comforting, sweet delight. The three cupcakes were like this trio that has a great ensemble (Zucchini Cupcake was my favourite, btw). The Pan de Montsi gave me this homey feel because it reminded me of that good old pan de sal, only this time, it tasted so much better. And lastly, the Cholesterol Special, though scary to eat because of its name was sinfully delicious, a must-have from Cafe Monsees!!!

Our visit here was ended with a little peek to some of Chef Marina's freshly made cake toppers. Some are already available at Cafe Monsees, while some can be ordered and customized, like those two LV bags. Hehe. Cute!

But of course, this visit wouldn't be as fulfilling as it should be without some take-homes for our love ones. Good thing Cafe Monsees do take-outs, and someday, even deliveries too!

Ain't that exciting?

Thank you and congratulations, Cafe Monsees on your first year anniversary!
Til next time, for sure! Happy eating!


  1. we’re happy that you loved our food. thank you for your kind words. we will be launching a bigger and better Monsees soon and we hope you can visit us again. incidentally, we’re celebrating mother’s day this Sunday with a brunch buffet (9-3pm) or prix fixe dinner (6pm-10pm) for only P399. it’s not just for moms or moms-to-be but because it’s their special day, we’re giving them free flowers and we’re getting a live jazz band to serenade them. thank you again and more power!


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