Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras a.k.a. Fat Tuesday at Murray's New Orleans RWM

Since tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, marks the start of the Lenten Season, I guess you already know what I'm gonna be talking about today! Yep, its Mardi Gras, baby! And guess where's the best place to celebrate and to belly up this Fat Tuesday, Muray's New Orleans Resorts World Manila, party rockers!

Last Tuesday, I was invited by our friends from Murray's New Orleans to be one of the first few people to enjoy the remaining days of partying before Lent at New Orleans in Resorts World Manila. One of the hottest partying spots in the metropolis now, Resorts World Manila offers a wide selection of food and party hubs fit for your taste and budget. And last Tuesday, it was the New Orleans who made our Tuesday night sizzled and chilled out with the launch of their Mardi Gras dancers and "Megarita."

Mardi Gras is actually a Western tradition where people eat and drink as much as they could before the entire world repents and fast for the upcoming Lenten Season - literally Fat Tuesday. And since here in the Philippines, where we almost adopt most of the Western traditions, we are no exceptions, that's why Murray's New Orleans prepares and shares an astonishing Mardi Gras treats that party goers could enjoy.

First on the list, the MEGARITA. From their extensive and diverse bar list, New Orleans Bar and Restaurant happily shares this Mardi Gras their latest concoction that will make our Mardi Gras evening even more unforgettable.

Exclusively from New Orleans, Megarita takes our classic loved on margarita to new heights - and by heights I mean really tall and big! Because unlike any cocktail, this deliciously irresistible Megarita is a revitalizing twists on the margarita. Available in tropical and invigorating flavors of Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Breeze, Midori, Cadillac, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pink Lady and Electric Blue, each massive glass will only cost you Php299.00. And if you take two, I bet you would, you'll only get two massive Megarita glasses for only Php550.00

I had two massive chalices that night, and yeah, I had fun sipping all of those margarita! Hahahaha! Woohoo! And I'm still alive after it! Hahaha!

Aside from that enlivening drinks, New Orleans, was also delighted to showcase their staff's talents through their very own set of sultry mardigrettes.

Not only trained to provide every guest what they need, Murray's New Orleans staff are also there to prove that they can also give us what we never thought we wanted, and that is an energetic and sizzling dance numbers presented by The Mardigrettes.

Aside from the restaurants live entertainment such as bands, The Mardigrettes, composed of Mara, the receptionist, Jona, the bar maid, Gella, the cashier, and Jersey, the server, is also now at Murray's New Orleans to add a more unique and splendid night to every guests of this pub-like restaurant. 

According to these dancers, they were handpicked by the management and enrolled to a 6-month scholarship program at FTX Gym, where they were trained by no less than Ed Aniel of Pole Academy Philippines.

The Mardigrettes performs three times a week only at Murray's New Orleans Resorts World Manila. But you can also catch them every Thursday at Murray's New Orleans Robinsons Magnolia and every Friday at Murray's New Orleans SM Mall of Asia.

If those drinks and ladies didn't heat you up, well, I guess, there's something wrong with you! Hahaha! Happy Mardi Gras! Enjoy it til its there! Hahaha!

Happy eatinga nd drinking, guys! Drink moderately! :-P


  1. Hi. We found your blog while we were looking for photos of a certain restaurant. We would like to use it for our facebook page, with photo credits to you of course. We would also like to promote your blog in return. Thank you so much and please feel free to leave us a message or drop by our page. It's www.facebook.com/TheRoyalChimney. Thanks again! :) Nice blog btw.

    1. Sure, if you'll not crop or edit it! :-)
      And hopefully, I can do some business with you. I saw you cupcakes and cakes, they all look yummy! :-)


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