Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fish Be With You: Fishman's Lenten Offerings

While Lenten Season means fasting to most of us, to others it means "Hunger Games"! That's why Fishman, one of the budding themed fast food store in the metropolis that offers the goodness of the sea in so many different and delectable ways is happy to share their Lenten offerings that are sure to bring peace and delight to the repenting Catholics of this busy city - Fish Be With You!

Blessed be this place for making Lenten truly a meaningful season, and with their fish offerings, I bet it's gonna be a fulfilling too!

Four mouthwatering and truly Pinoy dishes, Fishman is proud to present their share for Lenten fasting through these four fish-base dishes that shares a pocket-friendly price and healthy treats. I was able to try some of them last week, and I tell you, despite of me being not a huge fish lover, I wouldn't mind fasting this Lenten Season if I have these kind of dishes on my table... EXTRA RICE PLEASE! *just kidding* :-)

Mermans Smoked Bangus - Php275.00

Fish Explosion - Php250.00

Salmon Belly Teriyaki - Php235.00

I was able to try three of these exciting dishes, and I must say that among the three, I really enjoyed the Salmon Belly Teriyaki. It's color was so matching to the color of the summer and the taste that I'm expecting from it was so nice and blending for the season and the weather. I believe, even kids could enjoy this one because as we all know, Teriyaki offers this sweet taste that kids love!

Mermans Smoked Bangus was good too, only if you are good when it comes to "tinik". Well, I'm not, that's why I wasn't able to really enjoyed it that much. I'm afraid that I might get torn because Bangus or milkfishes tend to be "matinik" as far as I know. And as for the Fish Explosion, which is made of some kinda steamed Tilapia, I think, I still prefer the fried Tilapia one. :-)

Creme Caramel with Macapuno - Php90.00

And to end my amazing water world adventure here at Fishman, there's the Creme Caramel with Macapuno, which was just so tasty and yummy and really creamy! I super love it! It was a perfect ending that made me think to come back again soon.

Thank you, Fishman, for this wonderful offerings that I'm sure will be a great option to those who are fasting during this sacred season of Lent.

May our tables be filled with more blessings from this season on!
Happy eating!

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