Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gambino: Italian Cuisine at the Heart of BGC

If there's a list of people's name that foodies have in mind when it comes to great dining experience, good service and unique offering, I believe Marvin Agustin is probably on top it. With his contribution to restaurateur business in the country, people started appreciating food on it modernized style, hence Marvin has made a huge comeback in the limelight but with a more delectable appeal.

And recently, in line with his great restaurants, Marvin opened his latest baby and named it Gambino.

A classic and yet modern take on Italian Cuisine is what this new place has to offer. Situated at the very heart of Bonifacio Global City, Gambino is located at the very circle of Burgos Circle, joining other famous dining places that made a name out of their unique offerings.

I was invited a few days ago there to experience this fancy place that is standing in a two-story establishment and can cater up to 70 people.

Gambino is said to be inspired by the regime of Carlo Gambino, one of he phenomenal "five families" for their Mafia's (Cosa Nostra) nationwide activity in Italy and in New York City in the United States. Gambino was said to be one of the most powerful bosses in New York City during his regime, hence Marvin have it to tell how this new place can be as powerful in terms of sharing its take on Italian Cuisine.

On my visit here, despite of being aware how fancy can this place be, I was still starstrucked by how they managed to make it really modern but with that Italian classiness that is plainly lovely. 

Upon entering the place, I was welcomed by that very delicious aroma of bread being cooked in the kitchen. It was one aroma that made me feel welcomed, so without any more hesitation, while savoring that scent, I made my way up to the second level, where the rest of the people I'm meeting were settled comfortably.

Since we were just there for some quick meet-up, the group just had some of Gambino's  best offering. And since Gambino is lead by chefs Giorgi Bucciarelli, Christine Nicole Nicolas and Elaine Sanchez, pizza is a must-have from this place.

We had the Four Kinds of Pizza, some drinks and, of course, two types of their luscious desserts.

Four Kinds of Pizza

Tiramisu All Amaretto

Strawberry Panacotta

Just the way it looks, the Four Kinds of Pizza was indeed an enjoyable fancy food that you could have here in Gambino. The festive look of it will definitely put you at ease, leaving you with nothing but that comforting element that will make your stay here in Gambino more relaxing. The one with pesto was really good, but since, they are all lying on one thin crust , all of them is the love! :-)

As for the desert, the tiramisu was really filling, perfect for those with sweet tooth, but I guess despite of me being a huge sweets lover, everyone o our table will surely agree with me when I say that the Strawberry Panacotta was divine!

That Strawberry Margarita guided me during my gastronomic indulgence, while the white and red wine were the one who really made my stay here more fancy.

Since we were dealing with fancy food here, wine should be present too! And here in Gambino, they have a rack of great wine selection to guide you or relax you on your dining here.

I would love to stay here longer, but maybe next time. I will make sure that on my next visit here, it's Friday, so I can drink as much as I want. I'm just hoping that on that next visit, this cutie will also be there! Hahahaha! Landi much!

Thank you, Gambino! Til next time!
Happy eating, everyone!

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