Thursday, March 15, 2012

Munching My Way to Spain with Shakey's Pizza Castellana

The game is on for Shakey's Pizza as this year they are starting it with a series of mouth-watering offerings that you could only find here. And in line with this, Shakey's also put their best foot froward as they hosted their first ever food bloggers' event. Luckily, I was on of those foodies who got an invite and had a taste of their latest creations, starting with Pizza Castellana!

March 13, around 15 foodies gathered at the biggest branch of Shakey's at Quezon Avenue to take part in this first-ever bloggers' event of Shakey's. With curiosity killing us, we were welcomed by Shakey's representatives headed by Mr. Lorenzo Guerrero, Mr. Koi Castillo and Miss Eymare Bacasmas.

I can feel the little excitement going around us that morning, and after some minutes of hi's and hellos, we were asked to take our seats for the little program that they prepared.

I'm honestly prepared to see Captain Shakey's that time, but my anticipation was replaced by more joy when I heard a very festive music. It was then followed by these four women dressed in a Spanish inspired outfits. 


They are the Tablao Flamenco Group, a local group that are into Spanish dances, primarily flamenco, a vigorous Spanish dance with clapping.

Shakey's reps gave a short welcome remarks and then after some more minutes, they are introducing the newest premium pizza that we can now find on their menus, Pizza Castellana.

Pizza Castellana is a premium pizza made from authentic and glistening Spanish Chorizo from Barcelona, made more flavorful with indigenous spices and topped with red bell peppers and red onions on cheddar cheese and pizza sauce spread so invitingly on its world-famous brick oven-baked pizza.


They served us two kinds of Pizza Castellana that morning, one hand-tossed and one thin crust.

Hand-Tossed Pizza Castellana 

I'm a huge fan of Shakey's thin crust pizzas. Actually, it was because of Shakey's that I find thin crust pizza's more appealing, really. And since I know that I wouldn't be disappointed with their thin crust pizza, no matter what flavor it is, I first tried the hand-tossed Pizza Castellana.

If you find their Angus Steak Pizza really good, this one, for me, is better. Those pepperoni looking Spanish Chorizo on top gave this whole pizza that exciting crunch and sweet-saltiness flavor. It complemented well with the cheese and onions' sweetness. These Spanish Chorizos are imported according to the Shakey's reps, so they are guaranteeing an authentic Spanish taste that Filipinos could enjoy.

After finishing my first slice, I hurried to get a slice of the thin crust and as expected, it was far more heavenly! Spain it is! Double crunch from the crust and the topping! Love it!

Thin Crust Pizza Castellana

Shakey's reps also treated us to a monstrous feast that day as they shared to us the latest meal deal, the Monster Meal Deal!

For only Php1,859.00, a group of 12 can enjoy one large, thin-crust Pepperoni Pizza, one large, thin-crust Manager's Choice, one platter of Classic Spaghetti, one platter of Carbonara Supreme, one Awesome Twosome 12 pieces Chick 'n' Chips party pack and three pitchers of Coca-Cola!

For our dessert, they gave us a cup of ice cream yogurt that, according to the reps, are only available on selected Shakey's branches.

It was one fulfilling day, really, that I don't want to end! Hahaha! But of course, as tummies get bloated by these delicious treats, we have to say goodbye. Shakey's promised though that there'll be more exciting things to watch out for from them! There'll be more premium pizzas to taste and more fun meals to share!

So, if you wanna stay updated with your favorite pizza brand, you can stay connected through their website, or at their Facebook fan page, Shakey's Philippines and Twitter, @PhShakeys!

Thank you, Shakey's! Happy eating!

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