Thursday, March 8, 2012

RML Manokan Haus Kamayan: One of the Best in Panay Island

At one point of my vacation in Aklan, I can't stop myself to crave for some delectable and really good chicken inasal. And since travelling back to Iloilo or Bacolod would eat some of my precious leisure time and vacation money, I practiced my talent on Google Map and found this place named RML Manokan Haus Kamayan.

Derived from the term "kamayan" or eating by hands, this place, which is located at Mabini Street, a few step from Gaisano Mall in Kalibo, offers hundreds of local dishes that are perfect for individuals and large group of people.

The place was very spacious that I think can hold up to a hundred persons. And with the basic table and bench set-up, one can find a very home-y, rural-ish tummy-filling spot in here where most of the guests are eating with their hands.

I'm not a fan of eating by hands, seriously, because I don't like seeing my fingers on those weird-looking state. But when I saw some of the guests here at RML doing that, it was so enticing to see them, especially with those who are really enjoying doing it.

Anyways, since my photo session with the Ati tribes are not yet done, I convinced myself to eat with spoon and fork in my hands. Hehe. I know, I'm such a kill joy. Haha!

There were really a lot of deliciously looking dishes on their menu, but since I don't wanna eat too much that lunch time and I don't wanna feel that alone, I just had their single meal set that has the dish that I'm craving for, Chicken Inasal.

Chicken Inasal - Php 90.00

Most of their dishes are affordable, especially those for large number of people. And because of that I opted to order some dessert to help me quench my craving on sweets too, and to somehow cool me down.

Halo-Halo - Php45.00

While waiting, more people and more people came, filling almost every table around me. Some of them were really many that they have to adjoin 3 tables. And with that, I came to think that I'm in a right place for some good food.

After some minutes, the server came bringing my chicken inasal.

Unlike the famous, Mang Inasal, chicken inasal meal here doesn't come with unlimited rice. Though, I must say that their chicken inasal was kinda better with Mang Inasal because it wasn't that burnt. You just have to add some garlic oil because it was kinda dry. :-)

As for their halo-halo, despite of my request to serve it later, they served it while I'm still in the middle of my lunch, so by the time I'm ready for it, the bowl was already filled with liquid. 

I still tried it despite of that excess soup, and in all fairness, it still tasted good. It was full of ingredients, so for a 45-pesos halo-halo like this, I think I somehow got the value of my money.

Thank you, RML Manokan Haus Kamayan, for that tummy-filling meal!
Happy eating, everyone!

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