Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Different Flavor of Aklan at Kitty's Kitchen

When I visited Kalibo, Aklan a few months ago for their annual Ati-atihan Festival, one of the restaurants that I visited and really filled my very hungry tummy was this place they call Kitty's Kitchen.

With a very modern Pinoy interior, I was really delighted to stumble upon this place. Kalibo was very crowded that time, and it was hard to find a decent place to eat, so despite of the place looking too chic (meaning prices may be over my meal allowance for that trip) I tough it out, take a seat and asked for their menu.

The place was kinda full that night, luckily there's a spare table at the corner that it is just perfect for the alone me. I'm honestly clueless as to what to order, so I just asked for their bestseller, which my usual request when I visited a new place. :-)

Their server, who was sweet and really approachable, just like the other Akleans that I've met during my visit here, told me that their bestseller and most ordered that night was their Original BBQ Ribs.

I turned my head to the other tables to check, and indeed, most of the guests that night have that meal on their tables. I'm just not that sure if they were tourists who are also clueless like me. Hehe.

I checked first how much it is and surprised as to just how much it is, so I was finally convinced and just asked for it and a bottle of soda. The server list my order and told me to wait for 5 minutes for my order. I said okay, and then she left.

While waiting, I had a chance to check out the other stuff they have inside their restaurant. I noticed this well-done art piece on their wall, which I find very amusing.

It looked so nice that I thought I wish could have done something like it in our my room, that is if I have a lot of time and creative juices to do it. Haha! It is made of bamboo stalks, and both side walls of Kitty's Kitchen have these art piece. With the lighting and how the color matched to the whole place, it looked really nice in person.

Kitty's Kitchen has Wi-Fi too, so this is really a nice place to hit when you visit Aklan. :-) And I'm sure a lot of  you love that idea.

While wondering about their password, I noticed that the cashier was looking at me. She smiled at me, so I didn't bother anymore to ask for the password. Haha. She said it abruptly and even introduced herself to me. She said she was Kitty, the one who owns the place. Humbled by her kindness, I also introduced myself and told her that I'm there for the Ati-atihan Festival.

She welcomed me to their place and after few more exchange of talks, she excused herself to tend to the cash registry again. It was by then that my order came.

The Original BBQ Ribs - Php110.00

For a guy who is not that biggie on barbecues, I must say that the aroma of my meal was really nice. The BBQ ribs was topped with this gravy-like sauce that tasted really, really good! It was my first time to have that kind of gravy-like sauce, so I tried my best to decipher where that sweet and sour tastes come from.

And upon some serious tasting, I think they added some kind of tamarind-tasting flavor to it. It was really, really good, I tell you! The barbecue ribs' serving was big, so I asked for another cup of rice just to finish all of those ribs. Hehe.

And since I liked it so much, I told myself to have it again the next day. The price was really okay, just right for my budget, so it was the perfect and best meal for me during my Aklan trip.

I would love to spend more time here in Kitty's Kitchen that day, but the call of the amazing Ati-atihan Festival, which is happening outside, was also hard to resist, so after some more minutes of enjoying the place, I finally bid goodbye and promise to be back.

Thank you, Kitty's Kitchen for that very wonderful meal! This is now one of my many reasons why I love Aklan, and I hope that when I come back, you'll still be there.

And, oh, I'm sure that when you bring your dishes here in Manila, people will flock to your place everyday.

Happy eating, everyone!


  1. Type ko yung ambiance. The parang okay yung bbq ribs. I think based on brown na mushroom sauce siya kaya sweet and sour. =)

  2. Ah, yes, prolly mushroom! I had an almost the same taste before din sa Krave in Makati, I just forgot to ask how did they make that sauce. :-) Thanks!!


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