Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Floring's - Beating the Odds

With Mang Inasal and ChicBoy in the market beating one another, withstanding the demands of the ever-demanding public, there's this new place in Bonifacio Global City that just opened its doors and offers an almost the same menu that those two giant names have been serving for years now. May this girl-named Floring can teach how these man-named foodie spots some manners and respect to the ladies?

Just opened two weeks ago, Floring's BBQ Grill is the latest addition to the growing foodie spots here in Bonifacio Global City. Brought to us by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco, this new foodie spot is also the latest addition to the elegant line of restaurants of this chef to the stars. Though, as you may all noticed, this one has a different setup, a different approach, one thing it can assure you, big eaters and good-money spenders will enjoy Floring's.

I was invited last week to have a lunch here at Floring's. This place is located in Unit 2, at the corner of 4th Avenue, BGC and is open from 10 in the morning till 11 at night. At first glance, you'll be really attracted to this place. With its giant pig logo, which I personally find really cute, and it very pleasing colors, Floring's made sure that their diners will feel welcome and won't feel any intimidation.


The interior of this place has this very fun and modern approach. The doodles on the wall and the light decors are simply lovely - something that I believe good for office slaves who are working around the area because these types of designs or views can make one's mind and eyes relax.

Moving forward, the place was a hit when I got there. Despite of it being a newbie to the community, by the time the clock ticks noon time, office employees flock here to have a taste of its homey and affordable dishes. And here's a proof.

But before this whole new place went gaga that day, we were able to secure our food, and here are our orders.

Pork Sisig - Php145.00

Enseladang Talong - Php60.00

2 Pcs. Pork BBQ with Java Rice - Php120.00

Halo-Halo - Php80.00

Base from the taste of those dishes, I'd say that every meal was just normal. Nothing that fancy, really. Pork Sisig was good, it can compete with the other sisigs of other restaurants, the enseladang talong, which comes with tomato, onion, ripe mango and bagoong was very homey too. It is actually good to know that they do serve something like these, because they are making the life of the BGC employees a little easy and homey.

As for the main course that I tried that day, the pork barbecue tasted good. It reminded me of the shawarma that I like, though this one is pork. The Java rice was good too, good thing rice here is unlimited, so if there's any way that you wanna get the value of your money, have rice as much as you want! :-)

Lastly, as for the Halo-halo, despite of it being good, I still find it over priced. The ingredients weren't that tantamount and the glass' size wasn't really that huge. The Halo-halo of our neighbor, which cost only Php25.00 is far better than this one, believe me.

Overall, I'd say that having Floring's here in this part of the metropolis is a good addition. It is a perfect foodie spot for the hard-working employees of BGC.

Happy eating!

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