Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bloggers' Bibingcrepe Challenge

I believe, one of the happiest moments that we had on our field trip recently was the Bibingcrepe challenge that we had. Yes, Bibingcrepe - bibingka na crepe! Sounds interesting, right?

Well, we met at the Half Moon Asian Cafe at Tomas Morato where they served this tummy-filling, super yummy dish, BUT the challenge that we, bloggers, had didn't happen here! It happened up, up and away there in Baguio City! Wee!

Yes, we had our field trip there in Baguio, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, where we stayed at the very comfy Mines View Park Hotel! Wee again!

And since Half Moon Asian Cafe and Mines View Park Hotel is under one management, we bravely took the challenge of making our very own Bibingcrepe with the help of Mines View Park Hotel and Half Moon Asian Cafe Baguio gents! Yes, there's a Half Moon branch in Baguio! :-P

One of the fun indoor activities that you can request to the hotel management if you stay with them is to learn something like cooking the Half Moon Asian Cafe's pride, Bibingcrepe! Isn't that great and exciting.

So before I share to you the photos of us, bloggers, trying our best to come up with something as appetizing as what they had in Half Moon, here's a short video on how to create dish sweet dish!

Here, first, are some of the ingredients:

Watch and learn!

Finished Product

So, now, after watching that video, here's the bloggers caught in act trying our very best to achieve something like that!

 And here are some of our finished product. Lols.

The burnt one was mine. Hahaha! Since, it was burnt, nobody dared to have a slice of my Bibingcrepe, so I had to eat it all. Lols. But I still enjoyed it because despite of its charcoal color, it is still sweet.

So who won the challenge? Well, we all one, because we learned something new, and we got to fill out stomach with something hot and tasty. The weather in Baguio that night was kinda bad, it rained so hard so the air was really, really cool.

But the cooking part didn't end there, Half Moon Asian Cafe - Bagio chef, also demonstrated how to cook a Bibingcrisp. Yes, there's a Bibingcrisp, too! It's a crispy Bibingcrepe.

Here's a clip of it:

He told us that Bibingcrisp is quite harder to make than the Bibingcrepe, so he just let watch him to the cooking and us, of course, the eating! Hahaha!

Here are more pictures!

It was fun and learning night for us as we cooked our very first Bibingcrepe. We had a great time teasing one another and eating one's Bibingcrepe. Hahaha!

Thank you, Mines View Park Hotel and Half Moon Asian Cafe Baguio!
Til our next visit to your place!

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