Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you want this, Kanin Get It!

From it's very teasing name and and very Pinoy appeal, anyone who will visit Nuvali will surely don't wanna miss this simple place that offers delectable and comforting dishes - Kanin Get It!

A new concept from the makers of Kanin Club and Cafe Breton, this piece of comfort zone in Nuvali at Sta. Rosa, Laguna offers authentic dishes to mouth-watering foreign dishes that anyone would love.

Located at the One Evotech Building, Kanin Get It! targets the young people in the locality with their budget-friendly meals which has different variations, tastes and qualities.

The simple interior balances the huge and feast-like servings of every dishes that you'll order. May it be their All-Day Filipino Breakfast, to their Main and Side Dishes that fill your tummy, down to their comforting and heavenly Medienda and Dessert offerings.

If it happens that you are there in the morning for breakfast, I suggest that you have their Dangit Trio.

Dangit Trio - Php120.00

I'm a fried-dish person so I really love this combination. The hot steamed rice topped with toasted crispy garlic bits is really perfect for these three kinds of fried dried fishes - dangit, tuyo and pingka. It brings out a great combination of taste that reminded me of my great getaway at Cebu. This is so great to boost us in the morning!

For a lunch or dinner treat, Kanin Get It! offers a crispy and very tasteful fried chicken dish that kids can enjoy - the Crispy Boneless Chicken with Gravy.

Crispy Boneless Chicken with Gravy - Php130.00

I find their gravy kinda unique in it's taste, probably because of the toasted garlic bits that were drizzled on it. And with those veggies on the side, this meal will give you the comfort that you are looking for in fried chicken meal.

Next is, if you are looking for a real tummy-filling dish, why not try their Sizzling Beef Salpicao.

Sizzling Beef Salpicao - Php150.00

The owner were there when we ate at Kanin Get It! and they proudly said that this dish is one of the hottest items on their menu. And to my surprise when I saw their menu and learned that it only cost that much, I was really amazed.

The most surprising part was when the dish itself landed on our table, it was humongous! The huge slab of Beef Salpicao was obviously good for two and the taste was simply heavenly! A must-try when you visit this place.

For our Korean/Japanese friends, or to those who love Korean/Japanese dishes, Kanin Get It! also included one of the most loved dishes from that region, the Korean Beef BBQ.

Korean Beef BBQ - Php130.00

One thing that I loved about this dish is its Asian presentation. I love how the colors of each layer complemented to one another.

Adding to the reason what I love about this dish is its inviting aroma that really sets my mood to a healthy treat. And lastly, the wonderful blending of the tastes is something that's so uncomplicated which will put at east and enjoy every bite of this dish.
For some heavy eating or some "pulutan", the Sizzling Sisig is also a must-try here.

Sizzling Sisig - Php125.00

Pair it with a plain steamed rice, or just eat it with your favorite beer on the side, this dish is so universal. I'm kinda "maarte" when it comes to sisig, because for one, I want my sisisg to be hot, crispy and oily , and I'm so glad thay they have it in here in Kanin Get it!

For some sweet treats, may it be for merienda or dessert, Kanin Get It! will not leave you hanging because with their Pinoy sweet treats, you'll just keep coming back to this place.

Banana Bite with Ice Cream - Php 80.00

Buco Pandan Salad - Php87.50

Between these two desserts that I tried during my visit to this humble place, I really enjoyed munching those Banana Bite with Ice Cream. This is a great example how clever Filipinos are, because we can still manage to give a simple dish a unique and delectable twist - even if it's a simple banana dessert.

The sweet crunchy sugar coating gave an exciting appeal to these bite-size banana balls that I really enjoyed. I had fun eating it with and without the taste of the vanilla ice cream. Super love, love, love!

So, if you are planning for a little Metro Manila getaway, Nuvali is one great place to visit, especially now that it has Solenad - Nuvali's piece of foodie haven - which is surrounded by lush greens and peaceful man-made lake.

Kanin Get It!
One Evotech, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Opens from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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