Tuesday, October 5, 2010

733-1111: Dial Mang Inasal Now!

For me, nothing beats a wonderful lunch with your family while having a freshly-cooked meal, even if it’s Monday. Thanks to Mang Inasal, I had a simple yet tummy-filling lunch at home with my beloved parents through the help of 733-1111, Mang Inasal Delivery.

With my unpredictable schedule at work, I barely have time dining at home with my parents. We barely have time discussing stuff, talking about something or just talking about nothing. And I know we all miss that, doing those stuff with our families, I miss that.

That’s why I’m somehow thankful that nowadays there are a lot of food establishments, I mean, good food establishments that offer express delivery for us to enjoy a sumptuous meal with our love ones, just like Mang Inasal.

Yes, Mang Inasal now delivers our favourite chicken inasal and other Filipino dishes in Metro Manila, Cainta and Antipolo.

And yes again, we don’t need to wait for the long lines of customers at their branches to have a taste of their delicious chicken inasal. Wee!


All you have to do is dial 733-1111, talk to the operator and get your order in 30 to 45 minutes!

We ordered the famous and most favourite Paborito Meals, PM2 or the pecho with rice and PM3 or the two-piece pork inasal with rice.

PM 2 – Php99.00

PM 3 – Php99.00

And with these, my parents live happily ever after….

Thanks, Mang Inasal!
I just hope that you can deliver in a shorter time and I hope next time, please don’t forget the siling labuyo. Hihihi.

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