Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Impressca: The new "Salad Bar"

Missing that "salad bar" that you used to love from this certain fast food joint that used to challenge you in building one brick-size salad in one plate?

Well, your longing to that salad bar is now gone as a food joint offers a wonderful same old salad bar in a very affordable price! Guys, let's visit Impressca!

With stores in SM San Lazaro, SM Sta. Mesa and SM Cuba, Impressca offers a Big Green Heart that diet and non-diet conscious will surely love.

And one of their most-ordered item, their Load All You Can Salad.

For just Php99.00, you can enjoy a great deal of fresh veggies and fruits at the very clean and friendly surround of the said SM Malls.

They are also offering some deletable health-friendly drinks ans dishes that one can appreciate.


I got a chance to try their salad bar, since I really, really miss this. And here's my first attempt.

Not that good, eh? Well, that's why I can't wait to visit Impressca again and try my luck in building a mountain-high salad. Hahaha!

And for their loyal customers, Impressca have this Green Card offer (not that one from the US) that if you visit their store/s more often and get to fill your Green Card with stamps, you will get their cool Live Green, Feel Green T-shirt.

That salad looks so inviting, right? Well, what are you waiting for?
Let's go eat green at Impressca!

See you there!


  1. How's the salad? Looks like what Wendy's had...Kaya lang wala na noh? Thanks for this, we'll definitely check this out!
    Following you now, Hope you also follow mine,

  2. Oh, the salad was good. All fresh naman. And yes, Wendy's like, nakakamiss tuloy yun. Hehe. Will follow your blog too, definitely! See you around! :-)


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