Friday, October 1, 2010

A Cheesy Treat from Orion, Bataan this Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, the season to be creative!

And one way to showcase your creative talent during special season, like Christmas, is by cooking an appetizing and sumptuous dish that your family and friends can enjoy!

And if you’re NOT that chef-y person, don’t worry, because with Kraft Eden Cheese’s 100 Days of Christmas, you’ll never be left out!

One dish that I know that’s so easy to do and will give a great impact to anyone’s palette is the entry of Orion, Bataan’s Kraft Lumpiang Prito.

 Kraft Lumpiang Prito.

Yes, you read it right! Lumpiang Prito turned into a one cheesy dish that can be a great appetizer or part of your main course this coming holiday!

But before we dive into this mouth-watering dish, let me share to you some fun facts that I learned about Orion, Bataan.

132 kilometers from Manila and approximately 31.2 nautical miles across Manila Bay, the simple town of Orion is about 8 kilometers from Balanga, the provicial capital of Bataan and has a total land area of 6,540 hectares and covers 23 barangays.
Orion , as of September 1995, is composed of 39,537 people who took pride in presenting to the country this new dish that they share for the Kraft Eden 100 Days of Christmas.

Did you know that Orion’s original name was Udyong? Udyong which came from the words "lu-ad" and "uryong" means muddy because during the early times the place was really muddy and swampy.

But there’s a funny story behind the word “udyong”. One popular story that’s been passed from one generation to another was that according to some old folks during the Spanish regime, some Spanish soldiers happened to pass by this town. Spaniards who are new the country do not know the name of the place they’ve been to, so they asked the natives that they saw in the rice fields. And one of the soldiers pointed his finger to the ground asking, "Que es el llama pueblo?"

The natives who can’t understand what the Spanish soldier was saying thought that he was asking about the creature that’s crawling on the ground, a worm. So without hesitation, they hurriedly answered "Uod yon" (That’s a worm) referring to the worm that’s been on the ground where the finger of the soldier was pointing. When the soldiers heard the word, they thought that the natives were referring to the name of the town, and left the place reminding themselves "Uod, uod yon". Thus, the town was known as Udyong and then later named to Orion.

And so, with its simple name comes a simple dish that kids and kids at heart can enjoy – Kraft Lumpiang Prito.


And everyone will agree to me when I say that the best way to enjoy this delectable, cheesy dish while having some great time seeing the great view of Bataan while rested at the beautiful Orion Wharf and Benipres Beach Resort.

Truly, Orion, Bataan holds a wonderful future for its town’s men with its beautiful and peaceful scenery and scrumptious dishes like the Kraft Lumpiang Prito.

So, help and vote for Orion, Bataan for them to win P2M worth of support fund.
Visit for more info about this exciting, tummy-filling and cheesiest event of the year!


Merry Christmas!

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