Friday, October 22, 2010

Marriott Hotel Manila's Worldwide Thai Dinner

If there's one reason why one should keep coming back to M Cafe of Marriott Hotel Manila, that will be the really great variety of Thais dishes in their buffet station. I mean, if you are really up for some spicy and flavorful Thai food, this is one of the best places in the metro that you can indulge into.

And last night, I got a chance to challenge again my appetite and my palette as Marriott Hotel Manila joined to this one-night celebration of Thai cuisine as they participate to the Worldwide Thai Dinner Party.


Happening simultaneously in all of Marriott Hotels in the world, is a feast for Thai cuisine and a celebration of all the people who love this Cuisine. It was Marriott's belief that it is about time to recognize and to let the world knows the great part of Thai dishes to the international cuisines.

And so, to share to all of you what are the Thai dishes that Marriott Hotel offered to its faithful customers on this dinner party, here they are:

For starter, we were treated to a very refreshing and citrus-y  Lime Ice Cream and Thai Iced Tea.

 Lime Ice Cream

Thai Iced Tea

Then, for appetizers, we're guided to the buffet area where they introduced some of the original house salads and Thai salad.

Since, the color was so festive and the aroma was really inviting, I took one spoon-scooped of every tossed salad that were placed there to know their difference.

I can say that with these salads, it only shows how passionate Thais are to everything that they do and how they big fan they are of spicy foods.

After that stimulating appetizers, I headed quickly to the main course section where these Thai dishes where presented to us:

Tom Yam Goong

Thod Man Pla (Deep-Fried Fish Cake)


Phad Thai


Green Curry with Chicken

Thai Fried Rice

Everything was really sumptuous and spicy, though some were tolerable, I really enjoyed tasting and chewing every bit that I had.

And the only dish that I didn't finish because I can't take the spice anymore was the Tom Yam Goong. Hahaha! The flavor was really awesome, but as I sip the hot soup in, I can really feel the heat of the chili crawling inside my body which made me feel so hot. Hahaha!

After that, to stop the fire that's burning my body, I headed to dessert station where I had the sweetest and yummyiest Thai  dessert ever!

Here are some of the pastries that they had and the big picture was my dessert plate. Hehe.
Ang sarap sarap talaga!

Though, during the entire dinner party, what we did was eat-picture-eat-picture, we still kinda enjoyed how the people from Marriott  Hotel Manila entertained us by asking us if we were enjoying our food and giving us some trivia about the said gathering and presenting us to other celebrities and associates that were there dining with us.

For all who wants to know what's the story behind this dinner party, Marriott Hotel aims to break the Guinness World Record by hosting the world’s largest Thai dinner party, and I hope with all the Thai food lovers in the world, we made it! :-)

As a souvenir of this momentous event, Marriott Hotel gave us a small cooking recipe booklet containing the recipes of some of the dishes that we had on this dinner party. Sweet!

Til our next Thai gastronomic adventure, Marriott Hotel!
Thank you!

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