Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mexican Love at B & T Mexican Kitchen!

I never thought that there's this place in San Juan where they offer Mexican dishes that you'll enjoy to create and to eat! And that's where my feet and my hungry tummy led me last week - a place where the heart and hands of Filipino created some Mexican love in this Mexican Kitchen!

I think a lot of us had Mexican food and drinks before, and we all know that their dishes have something in common to Spanish Cuisine, but little we know, Mexican cuisine has this authentic flavors that are very close to our own cuisine... No wonder Family Tan braved in and took the plunge of having Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen or simply B & T Mexican Kitchen here in our country. ^_^

This modern style Mexican food haven here in San Juan gives their guests the option to choose on what ingredient they wanna have on their plate with their chalkboard menu displayed on their counter.

And that day where I enjoyed feasting on these spicy and non-spicy Mexican dishes, I think I've gone to Mexico with this awesome food adventure!

TRIVIA: Did you know that Mexican Cuisine was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage just last November of 2010? ^_^

So, to share to you this mouth-watering and super-duper tummy-filling dishes, take a look at these pictures, and then later tell me how can anyone could go on a diet if you have these (take note, plural form) on your table!

First on our table, these two delectable, thin-pan pizzas that are just perfect for groups.

Mexican Franks Pizza - Php450.00

Chipotle Pizza - Php450.00

I'd say that Mexican Franks Pizza was the best B & T offering I tried that night. The crispy pan matched perfectly to the flavor and colorful toppings that I really enjoyed looking at.

Shrimp Japanese Burrito - Php350.00

As for one of the main dish from this joint, one must try their fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine through this Shrimp Japanese Burrito. Though, it kinda look like "Lumpiang Sariwa", the taste was really strong and powerful in my mouth. I like how they came up with this one, interesting and very tummy-filling!

 Al Pastor Tostada - Php320.00

Fish Soft Taco - Php310.00

And if there's burrito, of course, there's the other Mexican treat that we all enjoy nibbling, B & T offers different kinds of taco that the entire family can choose from and enjoy.

 Torta de Al Pastor - Php310.00

Carne Asado Torta - Php315.00

And if you are a bread lover, B & T shares something that I myself loved! And my favourite out of the two tortas posted above, the Torta de Al Pastor. Those sidings are thick slices of sweet potatoes. ^_^ Perfect to ease the spiciness of your food.

But if you couldn't help but to have more spicy food, well, try their Chicken Mole Meal!

 Chicken Mole - Php320.00

This dinuguan looking, hot chocolate smelling but uber spicy dish will turn you upside down because of it awesomeness! I would really enjoy having this only if I have high tolerance on spicy food since the aroma of the chocolate was very strong, but having 5 spoons of this dish was enough for me to know how deliciously spicy this is.

Since I got so full from trying all of these, I skipped dessert, which give me the reason why I'm telling you that I'll be going back here VERY SOON and I will try their line of Mexican desserts as well as the other dishes that I'm sure I'll enjoy too!

So, for all of you guys who are craving for some really good Mexican food, may it be burrito or taco, B & T Mexican Kitchen will definitely spice you up and give you the best Mexican dish in town!

Happy eating! ^_^

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