Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nurture Spa Village Meals!

With all the relaxation and peacefulness that one can get from this piece of heaven, one's tummy must be filled too. And with my last weekend stay here at Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, I'm sharing to you guys the meals that I had... 

Get ready to salivate!

Upon our arrival, we were welcome by the sweet smiles of the staff of Nurture Spa Village and with these smile was this sweetest breakfast that I really enjoyed.

Sticky Rice with Mango and Hot Chocolate

It's been years since I had this kind of breakfast, and now, having it on a cool place like Tagaytay, the taste and the experience made more delicious.

For our lunch on our first day, we were asked to choose between Chicken Kare-kare and Osso Buco. And since Tagaytay is popular for its fresh and lean cow's meat, I chose the Osso Buco.

Chicken Kare-kare

Osso Buco

For those who don't have any idea what Osso Buco is, Osso Buco is a dish originated from Italy. It is an Italian casserole that is made with shin of veal, cooked in white wine with tomatoes. It is said that this dish is usually served with risotto, but in Nurture Spa Village's case, since this place shares a true Filipino feel, they served it with steaming white rice.

From the looks of it, I know that  I'll be having a great time here in Nurture Spa. The serving, for me, was just enough (but another serving of rice wouldn't hurt, I think. ^_^) As for the taste, two-thumbs up! The tenderness and juiciness of the meat was great, I managed to clean my plate in less that 30 minutes. Haha! Really hungry? Not really! Just really delicious!

Pumpkin Soup

We had had Pumpkin Soup and Vegetable Salad drizzled with Red Vinegar Dressing for our appetizer.

Vegetable Salad with Red Vinegar Dressing

And for our dessert, we had a Filipino-styled pannacotta, which we all loved!


For our dinner that day, we were all treated to one dish - one dish that a lot of Filipinos love, the Lechon Kawali.

Lechon Kawali

If you are looking for a real-meaty and all-crunchy and guiltless dish, I think, I just had one from Nurture Spa Village. Though, the serving for this one was kinda "bitin", I'd say that I enjoyed every bit of this dish. I love how they kept the crispiness of the meat's skin. I mean, for a weather like in Tagaytay, I believe it's one though job to keep your meat all crunchy and in this dish, they just delivered it perfectly well.

Garlic Soup

We had Garlic Soup that cold night and that same Vegetable Salad with Red Vinegar Dressing.

Vegetable Salad with Red Vinegar Dressing

The Vegetable Salad was growing on me that weekend. I'm starting to crave for more every meal time. Hehehe.

For our dessert, we had this Mocha Cake over Chocolate syrup topped with Vanilla Icing.

Mocha Cake with Chocolate Syrup and Vanilla Icing

The garlic soup was really perfect that night, and as for the dessert, it was satisfying. Not too light for my sweet tooth and not to heavy to have it at night.

As Sunday comes, we were greeted by a a more tolerable cold weather of Tagaytay. We were asked to choose from their menu for our breakfast. And since my eyes are so keen to "tapa" or "tapsilog", without even thinking what I had the last day, I asked the kind server to give the dish that finger was pointed at - Batangas Beef Tapa. :-)

Batangas Beef Tapa

I asked the chef to have my egg well-done, since I'm not a fan of a slimy sunny side-up egg. The rice that you see above is topped with garlic bits and this dish comes with fresh slices of tomatoes and cucumber.

They also prepared a serving of ketchup and vinegar, which I find so thoughtful. They are really good when it comes to service!

The beef tapa was cooked really well. It was really juicy, tender and chewy, just the kind of tapa that I like.

And just some few hours after this power breakfast, we had a lunch! Hahaha!
I told you, total pampering here in Nurture Spa Village.

For our lunch, another Filipino favorite, Bistek Tagalog.

Bistek Tagalog

Bistek or Beef Steak is a dish of strip of sirloin beef cooked in soy sauce and calamansi juice with onions. My mom loves cooking this dish, so I'm kinda used to this kind. I didn't find anything fancy about this one, except maybe the serving was more than enough for me. Especially when you had breakfast like Batangas Beef Tapa just a few hours ago. Hehehe.

For our dessert, we had one of Tagaytay's pride sweets - Rowena's Tart.

Rowena's Tart

I had ube that day, and it was really good! It was my first time to have Rowena's that's why when we were about to left Tagaytay City, I asked our group to drop by at Rowena's to buy some "pasalubong". I'll share to you my story about our visit on my next blog, all right! ^_^

For now, happy eating!!!


  1. Tagaytay is just 45-minutes away from home, and I can't wait any longer to go there and try their specialties. My God, look at those mouthwatering dishes. I couldn't say more, I'm salivating...

  2. I loved their food except for the pumpkin soup that tasted burnt and the bistek tagalog that was super salty. My faves are veggie salad and kare kare :D

  3. In my case, the pumpkin soup that I had was okay. And I'm a "salt" person, so I didn't really notice the saltiness of their Bistek Tagalog. :-)


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