Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rowena's Cafe at Tagaytay

As promised, here's my blog about Rowena's Cafe.

Rowena's Cafe is considered as one of the popular "pasalubong" shops in Tagaytay City. Primarily, catering to our sweet tooth, Rowena's has also a line of delicious Pinoy finger foods that young and adults can enjoy.

Rowena's became popular because of their tarts. When I spent my weekend at Nurture Spa Village, one of the delectable desserts that I enjoyed and loved was the ube tart from Rowena's, that's why when we were about to leave Tagaytay, I asked our group to drop by at Rowena's to buy some "pasalubong".

The place was jam-packed at the time we went there - a sign that tourists really love Rowena's. Since it was my first time to visit this place, I really looked at every merchandise displayed on their racks.

I saw some common ones like sweet "dilis", banana chips, spicy tamarind, ube halaya and sylvannas. Then, there are also goodies from other places like "atcharas" or pickled green papaya, gourmet-styled tuyo in a bottle and  tawilis in a bottle, which are  from Pampangga.

Ube Halaya - Php170.00

Sylvannas - Php190.00

Aside from these delicious "pasalubong" treats, Rowena's has also a line of delectable hot and cold drinks to sooth you or quench your thirsts.

They also sell some of their items by piece, that's why before buying a box of their treats, I treated myself first to some sweet-tooth cravings.

Since I didn't wanna indulge myself too much on sweet stuff because we still have a long way to go to back be back here in Manila, I was torn between their Strawberry Tart and Blueberry Tart.

It took me some minutes before finally deciding to  to buy a piece of their most popular tart, the blueberry tart.

Blueberry Tart - Php35.00/pc

I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about this one, and needless to say, this tart was very delicious. Though, it only took two bites to finish it, I can say that the flavor, texture and aroma were all good. Mouthwatering as it looks, heavenly as it tastes.

Unfortunately, my parents are not fans of blueberry cakes or tarts, so instead of buying a box of these blueberry tarts, I decided to buy the ones with Pinoy flavors. ^_^ 

Ube, Buko, Apple, Mango and Pineapple Tarts

I was happy to know that you can buy a box of these tarts with assorted flavors, so I instead of buying a box with one flavor, I ordered one with five different flavors. Happiness!

Assorted Tarts - Php190.00

So, the next time you'll be visiting Tagaytay, drop by here at Rowena's and I'm sure that you'll love their offerings as much as I did.

Rowena's is located at San Francisco Road. If you are coming from Manila, you can take SLEX, Sta. Rosa exit, Nuvali road, then off to Tagaytay City.

Happy eating!

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