Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cafe Mesa at Clark, Pampangga

Located at Mimosa Leisure Park  at Clark, Pampangga, this simple yet very elegant European-inspired coffee house was our last spot for the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival trip we had last February 12, 2011 - Cafe Mesa.

If I'm not mistaken, this was one of the US Army houses during the World War time which was renovated and now caters to the gastronomic needs of our Air Force soldiers, their families and guests who spent some leisure time in the area.

Though, we experienced the place at night, I saw and felt the uniqueness of the whole lot and how one can really relax and enjoy the quite and private life of the area.

Upon entering the garden, it seemed to me that I was just visiting an old friend's house or my grandparents. The garden has this typical suburb feel that I love. 

We were welcomed by this board telling that day's special.

As we got inside, the European inspiration showed more through the interior design and furniture. I didn't got  a chance to take pictures of them since there were some guests inside who, like me, I believe prefer some privacy.

We were then assisted to the left side of the house where this empty dining room awaits us. I'm glad that they accept walk-in guests.

The whole room was just for us that's why I got the courage to take some souvenir pictures and share to you the dishes that we had that night.

They have a wonderful and appetizing food selection but the menu list was kinda off from the this whole place's "European-themed" idea. I hope they'll update it soon.

 I have a friend who ordered their Today's Special - the Grilled Salmon and Dory Schnitzel. My other friend had Pork Tenderloin with Special Gravy. My next friend order from the pasta selection and had Prawns with Spinach Pesto. And lastly, for me, I ordered Oriental Chicken.

Grilled Salmon and Dory Schnitzel - Php350.00

Pork Tenderloin with Special Gravy - Php290.00

Prawns with Spinach Pesto - Php250.00

Oriental Chicken - Php270.00

They have frappes and coffee available, which I believe had something to do with UCC Cafe because it was indicated in their menu, but I had Pineapple Juice for my drinks just to make sure that I'll enjoy my chicken dinner.

Pineapple Juice - Php70.00

While waiting for our main dish, a cup of Udon Soup was served to us, which set our appetite for our most anticipated dinner.

Udon Soup

And as our order filled our tables, in all fairness, the presentation, the serving and the smell of the dishes were all in perfect condition. Well, I think except for the pasta that my friend ordered. She wasn't expecting an Angel hair Pasta, though, when she tasted it, she said that it was good though.

As for the Today's Special, the Grilled Salmon and Dory Schnitzel, I had a bite of the grilled salmon, and it was really good, especially the dressing. The gravy of pork tenderloin, which I tasted too from my friend's plate, was also great. Actually I liked it more that my Oriental Chicken. Hehehe. But I'm not saying my Oriental Chicken was not good, just comparing it to the other dishes, this one that I had was a little plain.

To sum this all up, I'd say that with the ambiance, service and quality of food we had here at Cafe Mesa, everything was worth the trip. We went back to Manila with a happy tummy and huge smile on our faces.

I think we'll be coming back here next time!
Happy eating!

Cafe Mesa
Building 2078 Cardinal Santos Avenue
Mimosa, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampangga
(045) 499-0694

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