Friday, April 1, 2011

A Hearty Dinner at O'sonho Jupiter

Pronounced as o-sonyo, this Portuguese restaurant located at Jupiter Street in Makati City will not just give you an astonishing gastronomic Portuguese adventure but also a hearty, Filipino-style warmth of welcoming that you and your busy buddies can enjoy after a day of hard work.

This is my second time to dine at O'sonho, but my first time to try it here in Jupiter Street, Makati.

I had a chance to try their dishes first in their Eastwood Mall branch, and I'd say that even though the place was kinda a little off for me because it is facing the other way around, I got to enjoy their food so much that made me appreciate Portuguese cuisine.

On this hearty dinner that I had in their first branch, I was welcomed by one of the owners, Cris Barancik, who made my Portuguese gastronomic adventure comeback more heart-warming and fun.

Usually, I get intimidated by restaurant owners that I visit. I'm afraid for my facial expression to show disappointment to their place, but with Miss Cris, the moment I saw her, I knew that I'll be having a great time because she just looks like our common friend, Ginger Arboleda of The gal who introduced me to her and to O'sonho. ^_^ Thanks, Ginger!

And so, to share to all for you the dishes that I tried that night, hear me out.

First on our table, Caldo Verde Soup.

Caldo Verde Soup - Php180.00

A thick, green soup composed of kale leaves, which is according to Cris were imported from foreign land. This soup looked  and tasted a lot like a Spinach Soup, the only difference, I think, is this kinda spicy sting in my tongue that I somehow enjoy.

As Cris continues to share with us the wonderful and challenging stories on how she and her husband decided to put up a Portuguese restaurant in the metropolis, we were served with, for me, the best appetizers and the best chourico (chorizzo) dishes I've ever tasted in my life - Chourico Sisig and Portuguese Chourico.

Chourico Sisig - Php210.00

Portuguese Chourico - php260.00

I'm a big Sisig fan, I want my sisig hot, crispy and pork. So when I was introduced to this Chourico Sisig of O'sonho I was honestly doubtful that I will like it. I mean, hello? Seriously, chourico? But when I had a spoonful of it on my plate, placed it beside my steaming white rice, I noticed something, this dish looks and smells like the hot, crispy pork sisig that I like! And as for the taste... YUM!

But, to my surprise to its taste, I was fallen in love more with their Portuguese Chourico. It has this really good texture complemented well by the sweetness and saltiness of all the ingredients combined. This was my favourite dish that night and I told that to Cris. ^_^ This a must-have when you visit this place.

After these delectable appetizers, as the exchange of stories continues, we were then served with Peri Peri Chicken Pasta.

Peri Peri Chicken Pasta - Php310.00

This is one of the signature dishes of this place, so if it's your first time to visit O'sonho, and dunno what to order, I suggest that you try this one first. The chicken tasted really good, complementing really well with the pasta and the two slices of bread with butter. Actually, the moment I had this again here in Jupiter, it served as a time machine and brought back the moment I first ate at O'sonho - the wonderful first dine-in.

They also serve Peri Peri Chicken ala carte and Peri Peri Chicken with rice, just pick your choice.

After the pasta dish that they really take pride of, we dived in to their Portuguese seafood dishes that reminded me of Escabeche and Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce.

Fish Fillet in Saffron Broth - Php280.00

Salmon - Php380.00

The fish fillet was a homey dish, I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate this one too, because the melt-in-your-mouth fish fillet has this very unique and remarkable taste that I apprecite. While the salmon, though cooked a little dry, tasted really sweet, and I think, child-friendly. If you want your salmon a little raw, I guess you can ask their chef to cook it the way you like it.

After feasting on these tummy-filling treats, and over some fun chatting, the night led us to three delicious desserts .

Tres Leches - Php260.00

Sorvete Frito - Php 110.00

Java Toblerone Moousse - Php210.00

Though, I'm a huge chocolate lover and even though they gave the old Filipino merienda "Maruya" a little twist with their Sorvete Frio, my sweet tooth was captivated by the charming Tres Leches - a perfectly sweet way to end this hearty dinner.

For this entire adventure, I have  a Mango Fruit Shake with me.

Thank you, O'sonho, for another night of wonderful dining! It'll always be my pleasure to visit you and experience a one-of-a-kind Portuguese gastronomic adventure here in the metropolis!

Thanks also to our wonderful host, Miss Cris. It's my pleasure to know a person who has this great passion about food and other country's culture!


  1. Hey, Alex! i love your picture of the Java Toblerone ;) Nice article! haha! My-sister-from-another-mother ko yang si Cris! :) - Ginger

  2. Hi, Ginger! Thanks! ^_^
    You took are both cool! ^_^
    See you again next time!


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