Friday, April 15, 2011

Figaro's Lenten Treats

Lent is here and as a Catholic, one of our traditions is to fast or at least avoid eating meat during this time of the year. And with this, let me share to you my Lent Food finds starting with Figaro's Light for Life dishes!

From their wide array of deletable breakfast dishes, coffees and pastries, Figaro offers something light and perfect for the Lent that can fill our tummies and can give some guiltless pleasure. Yumm!

Starting off with their Kani Sandwich and Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta.

I like kani, I think they are one of Japaneses' delicious creations. And with Figaro's recreation of this delectable ingredient into a light but very tasteful sandwich, they gave us a great option to have a congenial meal during this fasting season.

Kani Sandwich - Php179.00

Served with crunchy salad - lettuce, tomatoes and olives - topped with light mayo dressing, this meal is consisted of potato bread filled with crab stick, lettuce and tomato too.

What I like about this dish is it is easy to eat and even kids will enjoy this one. The downside, I guess, in my order, was I find my sandwich a little dry. I like my sandwich filled with a lot of mayonnaise, so maybe next time I'll ask the chef to add more mayonnaise on my sandwich.

As for their Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta, oh, this one got my whole attention.

Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta - Php180.00

With a sauce made of Spanish sardines, which was sauteed in garlic, olive oil, dried chili flakes, onions and black olives, this angel hair pasta dish is definitely a must-have at Figaro and a must-try this Lenten Season.

The oiliness of this dish is just perfect. I know a lot of people are afraid to eat oily food, but, hey, they used olive oil for this dish, so it's healthy. The spiciness of this dish, on the other hand, was so great! Just the right taste and texture that I want for my sardine-based dish.

These dishes are light yet really filling - just the right diet for Lenten season, I guess. Hehehe.

And to cool you down this summer, matched these delicious dishes with their Summer Frost!

I got to try these two new flavors and I'd say that I like the Berried Watermelon more than the Tropical Sorbet.

I don't like eating watermelon, but I love having watermelon juice or smoothie. Hahah. Weird, right? And since I liked this summer's offering from Figaro,  I thought that it must be that really good. Hehehe. Everyone should try this refreshing cooler!

So, if you are thinking where to eat this lent and not to feel guilty for having a good meal despite of all the sacrifices that we have to offer during these days, head-out to your nearest Figaro branch and enjoy these new treats from them.

Thank you, Figaro! Happy eating, everyone!


  1. i love chili pasta. :) I even invented a carbonara recipe with spicy tuna. :)

  2. Oh, I know how to cook carbonara, i should try that too! Thank for the tip! :-)


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