Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sarah Geronimo joins Jolly Good Times Teen Fair

If there’s one part of my childhood that I love to think over and over again, that’ll be the time when my Erpats and I had this bonding at Jollibee whenever I get good grades from school. And one dish that surely a big part of that is the Jollibee Jolly Hotdog.

Who doesn’t love hotdog sandwich, right? Fortunately to us, Filipino kids, we have Jolly Hotdog to comfort and give joy to our lives. No Filipino kid can say that he/she had a great childhood if he/she missed out Jolly Hotdog.

That’s what Jollibee’s Jolly Good Times Teen Fair reminded me during their event which was held at the SMX, SM Mall of Asia.

With their Jolly Hotdog’s new endorser, Sarah Geronimo, it was fun day reminiscing the old days and continue loving the one and only Jolly Hotdog.

Sarah Geronimo performs Jolly Hotdog theme song

Everyone who attended the said event received an outstanding Jolly Hotdog treat that we will never forget.

Sarah performed some sing and dance numbers to keep the high spirit of the gathering, giving it a Jolly Hotdog feast with lotsa lotsa Jollibee merchandise.

Sarah Geronimo performs on Record Breaker

While Jollibee peeps give out some cool gifts to everyone that we all loved, there were booths for picture taking, a booth for the Jolly Sundae, a booth for the Chicken Joy and a freedom wall where one can express or share how Jolly Hotdog has been a part of his teenage life. 

And, of course, the eat-all-you-can Jolly Hotdog treats which filled our stomach.

It was really a one Jolli-cious afternoon that I will always remember.
Thank you, Jollibee! And I love you, Sarah! You rock! :-)

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