Friday, September 3, 2010

A Local Treasure at Asya

Whenever I hear the word “Asya”, the first thing that comes into my mind was the life I had back in high school remembering all the stuff about the countries in Asia. From their population to their geographical description up to the attitudes of every nation’s people, everything just keeps rushing back to my memory – a thing that is hard to control.

But if there’s something that I really loved about remembering all of these things, that’ll be the rich and very wonderful world of culinary of every nation in Asia.

And with this, let me introduce to you this new place that I’ve been to, a place that will soon-to-be the hippest spot in Quezon Citythe Centris Walk – and in this wonderful and amazing place nests a gastronomic hotspot that you will surely love, Asya.

The Centris Walk is such a very modern place, no wonder this new and upcoming restaurant chooses to stay here because of the oh-so perfect concept.

Asya is a really nice place, wide space and very decent setup. They have a private room for special functiosn which you can use upon request. And though, the whole space doesn’t speak of the whole continent per se, they have these chairs that are some weird and funny at the same time.

As for their food, here’s what we had and my verdict to each dish.

For appetizers, we had two, the Crunchy Oysters and Sushi Samplers.

Crunchy Oysters – Php 265.00

Sushi Samplers

The Crunchy Oyster was really good. For me, being not a fan of oyster, I’d say that this one was really good. The distinct flavour on this dish when I started to sink in my fangs was really enjoyable. As for the Sushi Samplers, the dish that I loved from this platter of this collection of Japanese dishes was the Scorpio Night.

Scorpio Night

For the soup, I think there’s nothing more soothing and appetizing than our very own Bulalo.

Bulalo – Php475.00
*served in a big bowl, not this small cup

I didn’t notice anything special about their Bulalo, but it was good too. The saltiness and oiliness of a real good Bulalo were all there, so I think it is still somehow worth a try.

For some Asian noodle dishes, I think trying some fried noodles, ain’t that bad.

Hongkong Style Fried Noodles - Php365.00

That was the first time that I had fried noodles, and though, to tell you the truth that I’m not used to by having a crunchy noodles, this Hongkong Style Fried Noodles of Asya was good in way that it was fun to eat. That festive color and the wonderful smell of the sauce on top of the fried noodles was really splendid.

Since, us, Filipinos are big rice lovers, Asya is also offering some wonderful rice dishes from the different parts of Asia. One of it, and Filipino’s most loved Chinese rice dishes, was the Yang Chow.

Yang Chow – Php225.00

Asya’s Yang Chow was just the right Yang Chow anyone would love to have. The nice color, the smoky flavour and the perfect ingredients made this rice dish such a perfect partner to the next dishes that I’m so proud to present, the Filipino dishes!

Humba ala Eh – Php315.00

Humba ala Eh is like their version of Patatim. And since I’m a big Patatim eater, I really enjoyed every bit of the meat and every drop of its sauce. This dish was really good. This dish’s funny and regionalist name gave justice to one of our country’s best provinces, the Batangas.

Kinunot na Pague, Malunggay at Kangkong – Php220.00

And the last but the not the least main entree dish that we tried was this one. It may look like a Laing, a dish that I’m not fond of eating, but when I tasted a bit of, I was surprised to know that it was good. The taste was way different from Laing, and even the smell, that’s why I really, really liked it. Actually, this was my favourite dish of the night.

It was my first time to try this dish, and I think that when I get back in Asya, I’ll be proud to tell to my family or friends to have this dish for me everybody. Hehehe.

Of course, this excellent gastronomic experience wouldn’t be complete without having some desserts. And, of course, nothing can beat the really sweetness of Filipino desserts, that’s why Asya offered these two mouth-watering desserts that I enjoyed.

Melon Tapioca Pearls with Gata – Php65.00

Turon with Langka Topped 
with Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce – Php65.00

Between the two, I liked Melon Tapioca Pearls with Gata more than the other one. The sweetness of every ingredient on the first dessert was really bursting in my mouth, a great way to end this very wonderful adventure.

And along the munching of all of this dishes, this Watermelon Shake was there pushing all the solids that I put in my mouth. Hehe.

I think there’s nothing more refreshing than a fresh fruit shake.

Watermelon Shake – Php95.00

Indeed, Asya just proved that they can showcase different cuisines in one house giving all their customers the satisfaction that they are looking for in a wonderful Asian cuisine adventure.

Thanks, Asya! Til next time!

Asya Restaurant
Centris Walk, Centris Station, EDSA, Quezon City
994-8467 / 738-4938 to 39

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