Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sinigang with Strawberry Experience

I just got home from Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio and I just can't wait to share this interesting food find that I got to know. But first, let me acknowledge the very warm accommodation of the said hotel to me and my colleagues that we received during our stay in their hotel, Thank you so much, guys!

Mines View Park Hotel is really nice great and very quiet, one of the things that I love about our trip here. But aside from the great accommodation that we received from the staff of this hotel, our tummies also enjoyed all the love from all the sumptuous dishes that they served to us.

And one of the dishes that we had  and I'm sure, we'll never forget, was the Sinigang na Baboy with Strawberry.


Sinigang na Baboy with Strawberry

Baguio City being the Summer Capital and Strawberry Capital of Philippines is abundant to wonderful flowers, vegetables and fruits and one of those is the sweet, and my favourite, strawberry. Wee!

And now that I learned that strawberry can be a good ingredient to my beloved sinigang, I think I'll be asking my mother to cook some for the family this weekend since I bought a kilo of strawberries when went to La Trinidad, Benguet's strawberry farm. Hehehe.

The taste was nice. The lovely strawberries balanced the sour flavor of the the sinigang na baboy giving it a wonderful, remarkable taste. I LOVE IT!

I can't wait to have some Sinigang na Baboy with Strawberries again! 

All my thanks to Mines View Park Hotel for sharing to us this wonderful dish!
I really love it!

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