Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Hearty Afternoon at Figaro Scout Magbanua

This was probably one of the best meet-and-greet-the-owner-of -the-place that I’ve been to. And to be honest, it was really a fun afternoon or should I say an unexpected-to-be-a-fun afternoon.

And to be honest to all of you, I didn’t write this blog because I was invited to the event. I wrote this blog because I wanna share to you all my wonderful afternoon with Dra. Linda Luz Amante, the franchiser of Figaro Scout Magbanua.

 Dra. Linda Luz Amante

It was their 3rd year anniversary, and to help them promote their place more, they invited some bloggers to have a chit-chat and enjoy the sumptuous new offerings of Figaro. But as what we thought a simple chit-chat turned to be an inspiring and full of laughter afternoon.

Dra. Luz is one cool woman! I wasn’t expected her to be like that, but I’m glad that I got a chance to meet her. Hearing he stories about her family, her career and her businesses were some things that really amazed us.

As we all witnessed, the way she treated Figaro’s guest, mostly doctors, patient’s relatives and med reps of Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City, was something that all the owners and even managers of a certain business must have. She’s very accommodating like our mother, she’s very detailed like our bosses and she’s like a cool person like our barkada.

And because of this happening, I’m starting to love Figaro more. Yes, I’m sick and tired of the poor quality of my frappucino from Starbucks, so I’m ditching Starbucks and learning to love Figaro. In the first place, do you know that Figaro originates here in our country unlike Starbucks which came from the western part of the world? :D

So as we went along with the storytelling of Dra. Luz, her branch offered sumptuous dishes that you can only find in Figaro.

First, they let us had a taste of their latest offering, the Figaro Frost.

Figaro Frost

And as obvious as it can be, I love chocolates, so I had the one with lots of chocolate in it, so I ordered Chocolate Cookie.

Chocolate Cookie Frost – Php135.00

And for our post lunch, they treated us to order anything on the menu. SO I had one of my favourites, the Chicken ala Kiev from the ala carte selection.

Chicken ala Kiev – Php229.00

And as usual, this wonderful treat wouldn’t be complete without desserts. Aside from the Ambrosia and Chocolate Éclair that I love, they also shared to us their Biscotti that I really enjoyed!

Biscotti – Php35.00

It was really an inspiring afternoon for me. The people, the food the place, all perfect! This is one of the blogging events that I’ve been to that I will never forget. It was such a pleasure knowing you Dra. Linda! Hope to see you again!

If you wanna have a cup of coffee with your friends or family and you happen to be in Quezon City area, feel free to visit Figaro at Scout Magbanua, you might be lucky to meet its owner, Dra Linda Luz, and have a wonderful chit chat with her!

Happy eating!

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