Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vain, Smart and Sleek Lunch with Chef JJ Yulo

A few day ago, I had one of the most memorable lunch in my whole life. I had a chance to dine with the very nice people of Samsung Philippines over the magnificent dishes of Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World (

 Chef JJ Yulo

Before anything else, I would like to invite you all to visit my my blog entry Samsung QX, NF and SF Series For Holidays 2010! at ( for you to know what's the real score behind this sumptuous lunch. 

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So now, here'a blog entry to share you, my dear readers, the dishes that Chef JJ prepared to us.

It was my first time to try Chef JJ's dishes, and with my whole heart saying, that was one unforgettable lunch, indeed.

Let's just say that Chef JJ's treat to us was vain, smart and sleek - perfect just like Samsung netbooks and notebook PCs.

For our appetizer, Chef JJ prepared a "vain" Chip and Dip for starter, and Custard to to boost our appetite.

Chip and Dip

Chef JJ prepared a butter-base dip, the reason why is it green was because it was made of pesto. The taste was plainly delicious. Liked it!


As for this custard, I didn't find it extraordinary. The taste was plainly delicious too, but I didn't got a chance to enjoy it, because maybe, the taste of the pesto butter clogged my taste buds already. Hehe.

While this next dish was the crowd's favorite.

For the smart main entrĂ©e, a part of the Surf and Turf treat, if my memory serves me right, the chip-looking bottom on this dish has something to do with squid. Then, there's the cream and fried squid tentacles. I dunno how to explain the flavor, but when I put it in my mouth and started munching it, the flavor burst into my mouth giving an unexplainable and satisfactory taste. Really, really delicious.

Surf and Turf

Still part of the Surf and Turf treat of Chef JJ, Foie Gras with Bread.

Foie Gras with Bread

I believe it was my second or third chance having this kind of dish, originally from France, (foie gras is really expensive), I don't find anything to fancy about it, really, other than it tasted like "Balut". Hehehe. Nonetheless, I'm glad Chef JJ had this on our menu.

After that delectable Surf and Turf treat, I was surprised to see a bunny in my next dish! Hahaha!

Who would've thought that you can turn a simple "lugaw" in to a sophisticated and even more delicious dish like this one. The addition of the rabbit scallop added color and fun to this very simple dish, creating a giggle among us. So cute! Very creative! :-)

After that tummy-filling cute congee, Chef JJ's kinda saved the best for last with his version of Steak.


The citrus-y taste of the sauce was just a perfect match to the medium-rare steak. Though, some of my seat mates didn't enjoy the medium-rare steak that we had, for me, it kicked me right into the curve. The succulent strips of steak was also good because we didn't had a hard time tearing up the meat. And as for the color, well, look at it, ain't it so lovely?

And lastly, to top it all, layers of wonderfully stacked crepes with blueberry and red berry garnishes closed the deal. 


Burp! Burp! Burp!

Samsung you are the best! Hehehe.
Thank you, Chef JJ Yulo, for this amazing foodie adventure and to all the guys and gals of Samsung who invited us to this lunch date.

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