Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dragon Chef Trinoma - Now Open!

Nowadays, people are not just going to a place where there's delicious food, the ambiance and the interior are now playing major roles in choosing where to eat and where to stay. That's why here in the newly opened Chinese food haven in Trinoma, the Dragon Chef, they didn't just made a hearty dining place, they also made it hip for every foodie to enjoy!

Located at the fourth level - garden area of this hippest mall in Quezon City, Dragon Chef opened its doors just two weeks ago to give a more colorful twist in every Pinoy's Chinese cravings. From the makers of Robotosan, Sumo Sam, John & Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa, Marciano’s and more, Dragon Chef promises to make your stay in their place as unique as possible but still with that classic home, Pinoy style.

On my first visit here, the splash of vibrant colors welcomed me as well as the wonderful aroma of their dishes came crawling up to my nostrils. I guess the hippy look of this place was specifically made to boost our appetite, because even though I wasn't that hungry that night, I managed to eat a lot and enjoyed most of their offerings.

Red Citrus Iced Tea with Lychee

Perfect to cool you down and ready your appetite for the upcoming Chinese feast is this Red Citrus Iced Tea. Its refreshing taste was really nice and just the way I want it. They say that Sumo Sam offers this kind of drink too, so I guess I'm the last one to know how great is this. Hehe.

For some dimsum love, Dragon Chef, which main food are Shanghai, China-inspired has a great selection of wonderfully prepared dimsum that you can enjoy. From the talk-of-the-town Xiao Long Bao, to the classic Hargao and Quarry Bay, there's really something for everyone.  I love their Hargao, so if there's one of these dimsum that you must-try, you know who told you that! :-)

Xiao Long Bao - Php168.00

Hargao - Php148.00

Quarry Bay - Php158.00

Another seafood appetizer that can boost your hunger here is the Manchurian Calamari. It was one of the best calamari dish I've ever tasted, just don't forget to dip it first in the vinegar because the calamari alone is kinda salty in my opinion.

Manchurian Calamari - Php288.00

For some organic and fresh salad twist, Dragon Chef tossed an almost Niravana looking salad that I got to enjoy too. With fresh greens, walnuts and slices of fruits such as strawberry and pomelo, this sweet and vibrant-color salad is again a must-try here.

Nirvana Salad - Php298.00

Chinese cuisine feast wouldn't start without a cup of steaming soup, and here in Dragon Chef, the Seafood Beancurd is the best that they can offer. This one is perfect for vegetarians too since they used tofu as substitute for meat.

Seafood Beancurd Php288.00

Just like any other Chinese restaurant in the land, Dragon Chef prepared rice and noodle dishes too that are perfect for the meat, fish, and seafood dishes that they offer. For the Yangchow lovin', Dragon Chef calls it Dragon Chef Fried Rice, which comes in huge bowls and can be shared to 3-4 persons. I personally love this one because it wasn't that oily and the grain quality was good.

Dragon Chef Fried Rice - Php298.00

Fukien Style Noodles - Php378.00

As for the Fukien Style Noodle, it was good too. It was flavorful and has a lot of seafood in it. But when I learned that it cost Php378.00 , well, no wonder, it has a lot of ingredients. But then again, the serving size was quite small for its price.

For the highlight of the night, four of Dragon Chef's best Chinese dishes were on our table to try. Though, most of them look and sound so familiar, Dragon Chef said that with these dishes, no one goes hungry for sure. And so, without further ado, our chopsticks dipped in and picked the best slice that we could get.

Sweet and Sour Pork - Php318.00

Wan Chai Pork Asado and Lechon Macau - Php318.00

Emperor Wenzong - Php338.00

Yuen Long Pork Belly with Cuapao - Php458.00

Their Sweet and Sour Pork was okay but their Wan Chai Pork Asado and Lechon Macau was the love. The tender and flavorful Wan Chai Pork and Lechon Macau were my favorite that night. It was a perfect partner to the rice and even to the noodles. The dip was okay too, it gave the meat slices a balance that made it really wonderful.

As for the Emperor Wenzong and Yuen Long Pork Belly with Cuapao, well, I'm a huge "Patatim" lover, and unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with the taste of this one as well as its appearance. The big slab fat is kinda distracting to me that I tend not to eat much of it. The sauce wasn't that saucy too, so yeah, my taste was in favor of the Emperor Wenzong, which I find perfectly cook because there was really a crunch in every bite.

To cap this feast, our night ended by these cuties, which are actually "buchies" covered in coconut meat. There are three flavor of Snow Balls, and the one that I had has some nuts and sweet coconut meat in it. :-)

Snowballs - Php328.00

Next time you plan on having Chinese, let your day be filled with vibrant colors and astonishing Chinese pieces that will boost your appetite. Dragon Chef is now here ready to give us a young and playful strike on the typical Chinese restaurant - something that a discriminating eater like me would prefer now. :-)

Thank you, Dragon Chef! Happy eating!

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