Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mercato's Fillet N' Dips

I can't remember when was the last time I visited Mercato, but even though I haven't been there for a long time, it is always good to know that there's always something new - something fresh - to try inhere. And this these time, my palette and tummy find some satisfaction through this foodie spot Fillet N' Dips.

Fillet n Dips offer quite a nice collection of finger foods that are surely to hit those cravings. From the fries, chicken wings, chicken skins, fish fillet and spring rolls, Fillet N' Dips offers delectable easy-to-eat and fun-to-eat foods that are perfect for young and old.

On my first dibs on this newly opened (or I'm not really sure, hehe) section, I had three of their most in-demand offerings, the Buffalo Wings, the Fish Fillet and Fries and the Crispy Chicken Skin.

Buffalo Wings - Php150.00/ 5pcs
                             Php215.00/ 8pcs

Fish Fillet with Fries - Php167.00

Crispy Chicken Skin - Php50.00

Their Buffalo Wings presented a spicy yet really tasty flavor that lingered in my mouth. Though I find it quite expensive, I guess, this is still a cool addition to this place since I usually see pastas, sausages and burgers all over Mercato.

As for the Fish Fillet and Fries, well, if you are looking for some light midnight snack and wait in a a zesty-garlicky way,this offering from Fillet N' Dip is ready to give you that. Their dip was really good that it made me really licked it all. Hahaha!

And finally, the Crispy Chicken Skin is one deadly offering that you'll never stop eating once you have them. I'm allergic to chicken, really, but when I had bite of this crunchy offering, I honestly couldn't stop it. It was really good - finger-lickin' good, if you don't mind me saying that. Hehe.

No, after writing all of these, I can't help but to drool over them! They all look yummy talaga! Nakakagutom! Hahaha!

Happy eating, everyone! :-)


  1. Oh man! Why is Mercato so far from my place. I want to have those fish fillets. Malaman ba?

  2. It's good, not that malaman but its firm. the dip was really good, just perfect for the fillet. :)

  3. thank you for sharing. I'm new in Makati and I'm going there tonight for late dinner. Cheers!

  4. The fish fillet looks awesome, and with the way you just described the dip - might want to try that soon. I do hope they participate in the upcoming Mercato in Technohub. Closer to home :)


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