Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kogi Bulgogi Opens at Gateway Mall

Despite of being packed with wide array of restaurants offering world-renowned cuisines, Araneta Center's Gateway Mall can't just get enough of these wonderfully themed restaurants as it recently welcomes one of iFoods Inc.'s leading brands, Kogi Bulgogi.

A Korean-inspired restaurant designed to excite not just one's tummy but also the eyes, its latest branch opens at the 3rd level of Gateway Mall last month. Filled with modern furniture pieces that  blended so well, Kogi Bulgogi Gateway also opens with Cafe Soon, a Korean-themed coffee shop under that brand's title.

I was lucky to be there on its opening day, tasting the first steaming dishes of the day. With variations of Korean dishes ranging from Bulgogi, Ssambap, Ramyeon, Gui, Sushi, Bibimbap and more, Kogi Bulgogi Gateway offers a modern twist to the world's most loved Korean dishes with a splash of KPOP music and feel adding excitement to the place.

On my first dibs on this beautiful store, I didn't miss the chance of having their freshest dishes fist. They have this Tuna Tataki that gives this smooth and well-blended salty and citrus-y flavor ought to set your palette for the the upcoming Korean gastronomic adventure.

Tuna Tataki
For those who are not a fan of "raw" meat, well, Kogi Bulgogi has fried dumplings, Koreans called them Gu Mandu, that are also great to start your foodie adventure here. The crunch and the nice tasting meat is good that you would opt to order another plate.

Gu Mandu

For some more Korean loving, a part of my appetizer here in Kogi Bulgogi is a plate of this Soft Shell Crab Roll. A really filling dish that shares this tangy and chewy experience so perfect that it almost leave me up in Korean cuisine heaven.

Soft Shell Crab Roll

On the contrary, Kogi Bulgogi's Sae-u isn't that appealing to me. Maybe because there's nothing too special about it that I find it to plain, but if you love prawns, I believe you could still enjoy this one.


The highlight of my stay here was when these two last dishes came to our table. The Tuk-Bulgogi that shares this wonderful - so wonderful flavor that I would want to have it again. The flavor of the meat, the noodles and the vegetables that swam to this super tasteful broth for some minutes until it boils right under our noses is so heavenly.


And the one that really filled me and really enjoy having, this Yuk Hoi Dulsot. The Kogi Bulgogi Gateway server was so nice that she offered to mix it for me. For those who want it spicy hot, the chili paste on the side is all you need to add to feel that Korean spice. I asked the server to not put it all since I'm not really a huge spicy food fan, and I'm kinda happy with the outcome. Just be very careful because the stone bowl is really, really hot. :-)

Yuk Hoi Dulsot

And if you think that's all, well, not really. Since they have here the first branch of Cafe Soon, I also didn't miss that chance of trying some of its offering. and here are two of my favorites from Cafe Soon:


Cocoa Shake

I tell you, that Cocoa Shake is so addicting as the Tuk-Bulgogi and Yuk Hoi Dulsot were, so savro the moment and travel to Korea through Kogi Bulgogi Gateway Mall!

Kudos to iFoods Inc., and to Kogi Bulgogi for this another great idea!
Happy New Year, Lafanggeros! Happy eating!

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