Saturday, January 25, 2014

Everyday is Christmas Day with Alaska Créma!

When I was invited a few days before Christmas to be part of the "Tasting Committee" of the Alaska Créma Merry Créma in Eastwood Mall, one thing stuck to my mind - Christmas could really be an "everyday" thing by simply whipping up a good meal that comes with the tasty and creamy Alaska Créma!

Lechon Cake by Nothing But C

Adding for more and sweetness to the most wonderful time of the year, Alaska Créma invited the metro's most requested food kiosk to whip up a unique dish that includes Alaska Créma as one of the ingredients. And that day, not one, not two but 24 establishment took the challenge and offered their most appetizing dishes that are perfect all-year round.

Cake & Bakes

There are some who made the typical cake and cupcake stuff, which is always a crowd-pleaser, there are those who made the same kind, but change it in a way that Alaska Créma is the dominating taste, and there are those that by just looking, you know that any moment your saliva will flow out of your mouth. 

Christmas Cupcakes by Forever Cupcakes

Choco Balls by Sweet Success

There are also some who are brave enough to take the challenge seriously and really brought or shared a unique dish. Some used the Alaska Créma in a different way and came up with a familiar dish but with a different taste.

Chicken Pie by The Pastry Parlour

Rum Cake by Choco ATBP

And there are some who came up with really something that is unexpected. Good thing, I enjoyed most of them, that's why I'm sharing them all here. Hehe.

Turon with Salted Caramel
by Roast Coffee & Bibingka

Malaysian Bicolano Laksa
by Cooking's Ina Kitchen

But one dish that really gave so much joy to my palette and to my sweet tooth, and that is the Dulce de Leche Pecan Cheesecakes Cups of Baked Bites!

Baked Bites

Promise, this is one ultimate dessert that you'll love forever! How I just wish that it was kept in a not melting condition then so that I would have enjoyed it more.

Thank you, Alaska Créma, for this amazing treat!
It was really a sweet Christmas for me, you made it all sweeter and happy!

Now, time to hunt Baked Bites for more of this delicious cupcake! Go!

Happy eating, everyone!

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