Monday, January 6, 2014

Tastier and More Enjoyable Brownies! Unlimited this 2014

Just before Christmas and just before the whole world bid farewell to 2013, Brownies! Unlimited, one of the countries leading snacks and dessert brand, welcomes the Year 2014 with something that new flavors and sweetness set to make our new year tastier and enjoyable!

Adding more fun to the snack bar that we use to love, Brownies! Unlimited now offers tastier and more enjoyable flavors that are made to sweeten every Pinoys palette. And with more choices that are simply delectable, Brownies! Unlimited now offers cupcakes, cakes and even Silvanas that are all loaded with chocolate goodness.

The flavors that are made to bring smile to our faces (from top left to right bottom) are Rocky Road, Kriss Kross, Sunburst, Black & White, Choc 'O Chips, Walnut Swirl, Mississippi, S'mores, Red Velvet, Potato Strings, Coffee Crunch and the Choc 'O Malt.

Though, the chocolate flavors are really good, my sense of taste get to enjoy the Walnut Swirl that gives this balance and nutty flavor and texture that is just perfect for the season.

But did you know that aside from these delicious pastries, Brownies! Unlimited is also offering a guilt-free but same good-tasting snacks that anyone can enjoy - the Brownie Chips!

Enjoy it the way it is or add it to your favorite ice cream or other desserts that you love, it's your call - all I can say is its delicious! And since it is also packed with chocolate goodness like the rest of Brownies! Unlimited offerings, you can be as creative as you wanted to be with these tasty goodies that i'm pretty sure you, your family and your friends will enjoy.

Brownies! Unlimited, with 50 branches all over the country, sold the brownies in packs of 4, 6, 10 and 12, which are perfect to share to your family and friends. While the Brownie Chips are sold in single pack at a very affordable price.

Let's start our new year with sweetness and more smile as we devour these new offerings from the brownie brand that we all love - Brownies! Unlimited!

Thank you, Brownies! Unlimited, for these holiday gifts! My family and I really enjoyed them!
More sweetness and love this New Year!

Happy eating!

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