Sunday, January 12, 2014

Figaro welcomes 2014 with All You Can Eat Promo!

Choose from Figaro's Arrabiatta, Carbonara, Al Tonno and Pesto for your pasta dish and then choose from Grilled Chicken, Tuna and Cheese, BLT and Grilled Eggplant for your sandwich, gulp it all with the unlimited Lemonade and then good luck about going on a diet! Hahahaha!

If you are not on a diet unlike your family and friends who are on their "annual" New Year's Resolution of loosing weight, I highly suggest that you head on to the participating Figaro branches this coming Monday, and maybe until Friday and enjoy these delectable pasta and sandwich offerings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. until February 25, 2014!

The participating Figaro branches where you can try this All You Can Eat promo are Figaro ATC, Figaro Banawe, Figaro Cattleya, Figaro DP, Figaro Glorietta, Figaro Greenbelt, Figaro Shangri-la, Figaro Festival Mall, Figaro Gateway, Figaro Liberty, Figaro Tomas Morato and Figaro BPI Medical Plaza.

I had a devouring Monday night last week as I tried some of these dishes and fill my hungry tummy with nothing but pure pasta and sandwich goodness.

On my first dibs, I ordered Carbonara for my pasta and Tuna and Cheese for my sandwich.

Carbonara with Tuna and Cheese

According to the staff who assisted me, in order for me to have another set, I have to finish first my first order. They also mentioned that I can have the regular pasta-sandwich combo or just the sandwich-sandwich combo for this promo.

Sandwich-Sandwich combo

If you've tried Figaro's pastas and sandwiches before, you'll notice that the serving size of the All You Can Eat offerings are just half of it. It is actually okay because we are forced to finished a plateful of same pasta dish in one sitting, which means we can try other flavors for the All You Can Eat promo as soon as we finish a half-serving.

The Carbonara that I had was good - comforting good. I have this attachment to Carbonara that every time I have it made me feel happy, hence I enjoyed the sandwich too. I like that its not that too cheesy and the bread was kinda toasted.

My tummy felt its weight immediately after I finished it all, but since it was a night of All You Can Eat, I rested for a while before I asked for my next serving.

For my second order, I asked for their Al Tonno and BLT sandwich.

Al Tonno with BLT sandwich

Al Tonno is a tuna pasta, while BLT is of course Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Figaro's BLT is the bomb! A must-try, really! I like that their Al Tonno has this healthy-feel so I really didn't feel guilty finishing all of it.

The Figaro All You Can Eat is priced at Php299.00 per person, and strictly implements the no sharing, no leftover rule. Guests can try all of the pastas and sandwiches as long as they finish their first set of orders. And lastly, this promo is available from Monday to Friday until February 25th between 6-9 p.m.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy til it lasts! :-)
This is a good Valentine's Day dinner treat for couples, so visit now to the nearest branch to you and ask if they do reservations! Hahaha!

Happy New Year, everyone! Happy eating!

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