Monday, November 18, 2013

Burger King: The Battle of the Stacks King Eating Challenge

Dude, Boss, Chief and King - those were the four Burger King (BK) burgers that tested not just the men but also the women who vie for the Battle of the Stacks King in Burger King 2 E-Com Center,SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last October 19.

Answering the big question "Are you man enough?", ten individuals from different parts of the Philippines "outburger" one another in this exciting and truly filling challenge made to crown the biggest eater of BK Stacks in the land.

By simply sending or posting their funny videos on BK Facebook page, the ten finalist stood out among all the hundreds of entry-senders and named as the finalists for this challenge. All finalists "outburger" each and everyone of them by munching as many as they could BK Stacks in just 15 minutes.

Burger King launched the burger-eating challenge entitled Battle of the Stacks King to see who is man enough to take on the enormous BK Stacks where the man who can eat the most number of King Stacks burger will win a whopping Php50,000 in cash and crowned as the BK Stacks King.

BK Stacks is Burger King's made-to-order burger where anyone can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 flame-grilled beef patties for their burgers. Made even more satisfying, the BK Stacks come with melted American cheese in between and crispy bacon on top, a generous smothering of the special BK Stacks sauce, and all held together by a toasted sesame-seed bun. 

And the winner - Edward "The Burger Slayer" Garcia!

"Are You Man Enough?" because it is said that these burgers will test one's manhood by showing how many BK Stacks one can take. A Single Stack is labeled as a “Dude”. Have a Double Stack and you’ll be known as the “Boss”. The Triple Stack promotes you to someone people look up to - the “Chief”!  And last but definitely farthest from the least is the Quad Stack, a burger only fit for the “King”!  

For more information on Battle of the Stacks King, visit the Burger King Philippines Facebook page or check out our promo video on YouTube, "Burger King: Battle of the Stacks King." 

Congratulations to the winner! Happy eating!

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