Monday, October 20, 2014

foodpanda: Changing the Game of Food Delivery in the Philippines

With the tremendous amount that each of us has to spend in travelling around the city, it is no wonder more and more companies, specifically food establishments, are gearing towards offering the same kind of experience in their food delivery system or better yet towards the improvement of their delivery system. 

And now, aside from phone calls, with the rampant of mobile devices - smart phones and tablets - foodpanda, a leading global online food delivery marketplace, is about to dominate the key cities in the country by providing convenience, good value to our money, and of course the wonderful dishes that we love to have any time of the day.

A few days ago, I had a wonderful chance of meeting foodpanda Philippines' newly appointed managing director, Mr. Mauro Cocchieri. Hailed from France, Mr. Cocchieri takes pride of his elegant taste in food and its styling. Though of course, we all know how meticulous French people, foodpanda's style is to bring to their patrons the best experience that their restaurant partners has to offer.

Lafanggero with Mr. Cocchierri 

"Committed to giving our customers the best online food ordering experience, we have decided to tie up with restaurants that are dedicated on giving our customers the optimum service; on time delivery, fast response to customer inquiries, and over all, make the customers enjoy their food and worry less about anything that involves food," said Cocchieri.

And as I try their service a few days back, I imagined something - that life could really be this easy. All you need is to download the app - run in on your gadget and boom - an appetizing and affordable meal at your doorstep.

In my case, I ordered from The Cheese Steak Shop. Prior to this order, I made a mistake on my previous order that made me call their hotline, (02) 988-6900. I was relieved that their helpful customer representative was able to help me, so I immediately proceeded with this one and I was impress how everything worked.

In less than 30 minutes, my ordered food, which is on the list above came to my preferred delivery address hot and oh-so-delicious.

I know that they'll still improve in no time, but for now, how I just wish that they have more restaurant partners who are willing to share their awesome products to the people like me to have no time to deal with this metro's traffic situation.

Congratulations, Mauro and foodpanda!

Until my next food adventure! Happy eating!

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