Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Pig-Out Time at Nuvali

Nuvali, now being famous for its lush surrounding, giving balance to a healthy and active life, is now also considered as foodista's haven for sumptuous and unique food finds that offers the delicious meals of our country and of our world. But if you want something that's homey, don't worry, Pig Out is here ready to serve every family!

This one place in Nuvali that is open to serve you sumptuous happy meals is located at the Solenad near the lake. With a breathtaking view of the very peaceful Nuvali, one family can enjoy bonding and dining at this restaurant that offers familiar and homey dishes.

I had a chance to taste their delectable dishes last time, and  with a perfect "for sharing" meals, my friends who were all tired from the fun that we had that afternoon checking out Nuvali and actually starving due to the heat and exhaustion, we were able to quench our thirst and fill our tummies with their friendly prices.

To start off our adventure here, we order our own glass of fruit shakes to shake off the heat that we experienced outside.

Pig Out offers a variety of fresh fruit shakes that one can enjoy. Our group had these top two fruit shakes that we really enjoyed.

Grape Shake

Kamias Shake

Our main course was delayed by this appetizer that we got to enjoying while cooling down.

Sultans Eggplant Dip - Php145.00

It is pureed roasted eggplant with garlic, spices and olive. Served with Pita Bread.

After some more minutes, sizzling hot plates came arriving our table filling the air with pleasing aroma that made our stomach crunched. Hehe.

Chicharon Fried Rice - Php325.00

Japchae Noodles - Php445.00

Grilled Spare Ribs Adobo - Php485.00 (for sharing)

Grilled Tuna Belly - Php435.00 (for sharing)

I honestly enjoyed every dish. Despite of having the same looks, each has this distinct taste that adult and even kids can enjoy. No wonder it is called the "Family Grill House" for it really caters to everyone of any age and any gender.

I personally love their Grilled Spare Ribs Adobo because the meat was perfectly cooked with a balanced color and taste. The Japchae Noodles was surprisingly good too, a perfect alternative to rice. But if you are like me, worrying nothing about the food that you'll partake, of course, you'd have the Chicharon Rice that offers that very delicious kick to your meal. I just love it! :-)

To finish off your amazing food adventure here at Pig Out, I suggest that you also have their Banana Split. Actually, the group was eyeing on the other dessert that they have on their menu, unfortunately it wasn't available that time that's why we just settled for this one. Thankfully, it was fulfilling and just perfect to end this food adventure the sweetest way possible.

Banana Split - Php295.00

You can ask their servers to customize the ice cream that you wanna put in your Banana Split. In our case, since we already ordered the regular one - banana with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice creams - we had on our other order the same banana split but with plate full of chocolate ice cream. Very delicious!

Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream

So, if ever you are driving by Nuvali, feel free to enjoy a sumptuous and tummy-filling meals here at Pig Out. I guarantee you a one fulfilling dining adventure that you, your family or friends will enjoy!

Happy eating!


  1. Nice pictures Alex! I've been to Nuvali at Crisostomo though and Pig Out did intrigued me, next time we're of South, we'll try this one out! The Kamias and grape shake looks interesting!


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