Friday, February 11, 2011

Dial 922-2222 for Angel's Delivery!

Since my sked requires me to stay in the office till past dinner, sometimes I don't have any other choice but to get a quick dinner at a convenient store or have my food delivered.

And last night, I got so hungry and my palette was craving for some pizza and pasta. But since payday is up until next week, I don't have any other choice but to get something that will fit to my budget. Little do I know that Angel's Pizza is now offering a fantastic pocket-friendly, tummy-filler Pasta in a Dough!

Don't be confuse and let me explain what a Pasta in a Dough is.

Pasta in a Dough is a satisfying collaboration of Angel's Pizza's pizzas topped with you perfect choice of pasta.

Get it? If you still don't  get it, here's an example.

Your classic red sauce spaghetti pasta on top of a thick-crust, perfectly cooked dough, and voila, Classic Spaghetti Pasta in a Dough.

Classic Spaghetti Pasta in a Dough - Php189.00

I actually found it weird, really. I mean, all this combinations, I'm just not used to it - pizza and pasta in one. But since I'm on a tight budget and really, really craving for some pasta and pizza, then I guess, this was my best choice for that night. Hehe.

The Classic Spaghetti Pasta was really sweet, so I'm sure kids and kids-at-heart who are big fans of "Jollibee" spaghetti will surely love this one. I kinda like it, too, though, the parts where the pasta was too obvious and having that kinda gooey-reddish color was not the kind of view that I would love to see on my food.

One good organic choice, which vegetarians would prefer, is their Tuna Pesto Pasta in a Dough.

Tuna Pesto Pasta in a Dough - Php199.00

This one is a little spicy too, so for those who want it hot, then this pasta is the perfect choice. When I visited Angel's Pizza few months ago, their pesto was one of my favourite dishes that I enjoyed. And now that this lovely pasta dish comes with spicy tuna and hot melted cheese on top, it just made it better. The only thing that you'll worry is probably your breath after eating this dish.

And for the ultimate, and for me, the best from this bunch, the Creamy Bacon Pasta in a Dough.

Creamy Bacon Pasta in a Dough - Php199.00

I'm a huge, huge Carbonara/Creamy Bacon Pasta lover. As in! I even have my own recipe of Carbonara, that's just how I love this pasta dish. And trying my favourite pasta with pizza all over it, made the experience more tummy-filling! The creaminess of the pasta and the cheesy-kinda-salty taste of the dough was really a match made in Angel's. Hehehe. I'm giving two-thumbs up for this one, really.

So, that's it.

If you are think if I ate all of these pizza, well... Slight. Hihihi.
I had one slice of each, and then I shared the rest to my officemates who enjoyed eating them as well.

So, if you are somewhere within Metro Manila, on a tight budget and craving for something new but comes with pizza and pasta, dial 922-2222 and Angel's Pizza Pasta in a Dough is the perfect choice for those loose pockets and hungry tummy!

Happy eating!

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