Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicken Treat from Figaro's Spoon Meals

Tired of your that same old chicken recipe? Or probably sick of that same old chicken taste from your favorite  fast food chain? Well, Figaro Coffee is currently offering the newest addition to their gourmet-ish dishes that will fill your tummy and satisfy your appetite.

A few days ago, I got an invite from a friend to try these latest offerings with my fellow blogger-friends, and even though I'm not that of a big fan of chicken, I braved in and indulge to these oh-so-yummy treats - the Figaro Spoon Meals.

Since we're not that "matakaw" and I don't think we can finish two servings of plateful dishes, we were asked to order our preferred dish that night.

Our mind and palette have to choose between the Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce and Chicken Ala King.

Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce - Php215.00

Chicken Ala King - Php215.00

Chicken Ala King seems so ordinary for me that night, and since the "creamy cheese sauce" sound so inviting, I opted to have the Chicken Thyme.

It took some five minutes to have our orders served, which was quite fast for some gourmet-ish dish to be served.

My order came with a steaming white rice and buttered corn and carrot. The smell and color was really good, look so delicious. I first had the corn and carrot just to set my palette, then I had the chicken thyme together with the white rice.

The taste would be good if only the flavor of the thyme wasn't that too strong. I honestly, didn't enjoy it that much, sadly. :-(

Luckily, my seatmate who was so nice he shared to me his Chicken Ala King which I find really delicious, or should I say comforting. His dish was served with buttered corn and carrot too and with steaming white rice. The creamy sauce of the Chicken Ala King was a perfect match to the white rice. I can't believe that I enjoyed eating his food more. Heheh.

Chicken Ala King was also the top favorite that night among my friends. So if ever you are dropping by to Figaro and wanna try these dishes, have their Chicken Ala King! ^_^

After those meals, we were then served with two of Figaro's newest desserts, the English Matrimonial Bar and the Banana Hazelnut Turnover.

English Matrimonial Bar - Php49.00

Banana Hazelnut Turnover - 69.00

Both look cute and have this good serving size to end a delicious meal. But only one of them made my sweet tooth really happy and that is the English Matrimonial Bar. The butter and raspberry filling between those oats with coconut sandwich was really sweet and yummy. Really liked it!

These Spoon Meals come with a glass of Figaro's delicious Iced Tea or if you want, you can have their nice original blend coffee.

So, there, thank you, Figaro!
Happy eating!

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