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The Red Crab Series: Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito and White House on 84th - Quezon City

Quezon City's Tomas Morato has been the hottest foodie spot in this city of stars. Cuisines like American, Spanish, Portuguese, Asian and some others can be easily found here. And with a variety that suits not only to your taste but to your pockets, too, no wonder, Tomas Morato is always packed with people who wants nothing but the best.

But did you know that just a few steps from this foodie avenue is a newly opened and really convenient foodie house that is ready to satisfy those cravings. Actually, it is just beside the very popular Pinoy Big Brother House, and it is named Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito and it's restobar White House on 84th.

I got a chance to check out this place last week, and I think the word "house" is kinda an understatement... It was a mansion! Hehe.

This big "house" is divided into to two parts, the Patio Carlito where The Garden, which can accommodate 80 to 100 persons, is a huge part of it. It was night when I visit the place, so I saw how they transform a modern-day urban-style house's garden into a nice spot for some night-out with the "barkadas". While, the second half of this big "house" is allocated to White House on the 84th.

Chef Jojo

The White House on the 84th is actually divided into 5 parts, 5 rooms in this huge house that will give you comforting and luxurious dining experience - The TV Room, where we stayed that night, The Piano Room, for people who are up for some romantic dining experience, The Bar Room, for those who are geared up for some socializing and jamming, The Terrace, if you wanna have some casual dining experience, and The Sala, for families or group of friends who want some more space for a little celebration. All these rooms can accommodate 25 to 40 persons, which I think makes this place a great venue for special family and friends' gatherings.

On my first visit here, I was amazed by how they put up their menu. Generally consisted of outstanding local dishes, their different dishes come from the different regions of our country that are  truly inviting! I know for sure that everyone can just fit in here to enjoy the sumptuous dishes that these two places can offer.

For starters or if you want to visit this place to drink and try some of their best pulutan, I suggest that you try these three dishes below. With their unique taste that I think will go well with beer, they will absolutely be your favorites from this place.

Burong Baboy at Longganisa Candaba Platter - Php355.00

Malou's Sinuglaw - Php265.00

Cuchifrito - Php269.00

If you are up for some comfort food but with a little twist, these following dishes will surely hit the right spot on your cravings. The servings of these dishes are perfect for 3 to 4 persons. The flavors were quite outstanding given that these are just some comfort food.

Pato Binondo - Php485.00

Lumpiang Fish and Chips - Php235.00

Lumpia Puches - Php198.00

And if you are here to try their hearty meals that will fill every space in your tummy, these following dishes will leave you satisfied because they will not just enhance your palette to the wonderful dishes of our country but they will also open up your mind as to what region in our country your palette suits best..

The beginning of our hearty meal that night was started with two kinds of rice flavors that complemented well with the viands that we ordered.

Binagoongan Fried Rice - Php85.00

Classic Adobo Rice with Crispy Adobo Flakes - Php85.00

Among these two rice flavors, I enjoyed having their Classic Adobo Rice with Crispy Adobo Flakes. It may seem a little oily, but the taste was just right to enhance the flavors of the other dishes.

We had different dishes that represent every region in the country... And the experience was just superb!

Chicken Binakol - Php235.00

Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso - Php435.00

Out of these two soups, Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso was really something that everyone should try from this place. I rarely have tinapa, and having this unique twist on tinapa, I never thought that tinapa can taste this great! The sourness of the sinigang was equally balanced with the saltiness of tinapa. Really yummy!

As for the crunchy and saucy dishes that they offer, we got to try these dishes below that I think kids can also enjoy. ^_^

Rellenong Sugpo - Php265.00

Chicken Adobo Wings - Php198.00

Crunchy Tapa - Php279.00

Lechon Baka ni Mayor - Php265.00

The Rellenong Sugpo was the dish that I got to enjoy first that night. The crunchiness was really intact and each slice was really a taste of goodness. But my most favorite among this group is the Crunchy Tapa. The sweet, salty and sour taste was awesome. And the tenderness of the meat was just perfect. I think I was the one who actually ate the most of it. Hehe.

For some veggie goodies, we got to try these next two dishes. I'm not a big veggie fan, but I do appreciate them when I find them prepared nicely and tasted really good..

Baby Vegetables Pakbet - Php229.00

Adobong Kangkong with Crispy Cuchinillo Strips - Php169.00

You may obviously notice how they created the following dishes with a great twist - a twist that you'll find hard to resist. Heheh. The Baby Vegetables Pakbet tasted really nice with a little crunch from the nicely cooked veggies and the chicharon on top. While the adobong kangkong with crispy cuchinillo was also great too, it would be a great partner to a plain white rice.

This amazing feast was ended with two of the country's most loved desserts.

Fried Suman and Tsokolate Batirol - Php145.00

Frozen Brazo de Mercedez - Php255.00

Having Fried Suman and Tsokolate Batirol was just perfect to end our night, but having a second dessert - Frozen Brazo de Mercedez - wouldn't be that bad, especially if it is as delish as this one! Both sweet treats are good for 2 to 3 persons.

Cranberry Bomber

Cocktails and beers are available on both venues, just ask their friendly staff to get their bar list and they'll be glad to assist you as to what drink is the best for you. This Cranberry Bomber was quite good, though, I suggest that you have dinner first before having this.

With all these great treats and amazing - very amazing venue, I wouldn't wonder Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito and White House on 84th will soon be a great gimmick and family spot here in Quezon City. I'm very sure that foodies will welcome this great place with tummies all ready to dine and party!

Welcome, Old Manila Bistro Patio Carlito and White House on 84th!
Thanks for the wonderful night!
I will see you again! ^_^


  1. I haven't tried a Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. I'm more familiar with Canonigo. This looks like a great place for functions, too bad it's so far from us. :)

  2. O M G!

    My mouth watered instantly with these photos and descriptions!


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