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Hongkong Roast: A Taste of Hongkong in Makati City

With a lot of different food establishments sprouting everywhere like mushrooms in Metro Manila, it simply proves that food business is booming and making it one of the best hubby-turned-business "in" thing here in the country. But for us "foodies" who knows nothing but to enjoy life and EAT, finding a comfortable foodie spot that offers not only delicious food but unique presentation and pocket-friendly prices is still a challenge.

Last week, I was invited to check out and have a taste of their dishes from this Hongkong-style restaurant that offers excellent food, fast service, unfussy surroundings and affordable prices - Hongkong Roast Food Express (HKR) in Makati City.

A day before the said date of the invitation that I received, I read at Our Awesome Planet that this place is now one of their  favourites, so I didn't hesitate to have a taste of Hongkong right beside the crazy world of Makati Central Business District.

Located along Bagtikan Street and Sacred Heart Road, this very ordinary hole-in-the-wall restaurant will surely catch your attention because of their roasted chickens hanging from their window.

As I went inside HKR, I noticed how very plain their interior was. I've been living in Manila for my whole life and eating in Ongpin is just an ordinary family activity for me, so I'm quite familiar with the setup of a Chinese restaurant. And with HKR's interior, it'll give you that kinda modern take on those Ongpin's Chinese restaurants and at the same time that edgy appeal saying that you are in Makati.

The current HKR place has two levels, with an upper floor that has more rooms for guests or special functions.

The staff has nothing special too, one reason that I have in my mind was that to make you feel at ease when it comes to asking for menu, condiments and etcetera.

I got to know the owner, Miss Mary Chan, who was at that time juggling her time to printing business and HKR. The lady was so simple but you'll feel that she her heart to her new-found business because despite of her busy life, I believe, she keeps managing both businesses and was able too to welcome us at her new place and let us know their specialties.

After some few minutes of chatting, the dining experience followed, filling the air with a tummy-grumbling aroma. I, and the rest of the guests, got to try almost all of their specialties from every food groups - from their short orders, rice dishes, dimsum, noodles, dessert and drinks! We really had a tummy-filling fun day.

Upon checking on their menu, one thing that made me glad about it was that they are offering Group Meals that are quite affordable and  perfect for those first-timers.

With every specialty from every section, new visitors will not have a hard time asking for what is best for them.

The eating part started with their very simple appetizers that was consisted of steamed nuts, fried dumpling wrappers and pickled green papaya.

While waiting for the dishes that they prepared for us, their staff asked us for our drinks. I ordered their Milk Tea with Black Pearl, while the others asked for their Coke with Lemon and Wheatgrass Honey.

Milk Tea with Black Pearl - Php90.00

Coke with Lemon - Php65.00

Wheatgrass Honey - Php75.00

The Milk Tea with  Black Pearl was quite okay. Nothing too fancy about it, just the right blend that I was expecting so I'm quite happy about it.

After some minutes, the train of dishes filled our table one by one starting with their Siomai.

Siomai - Php80.00

Their siomai was one of my top favorites. The right amount of meat was steamed really well and the flavor was just perfect!

Then, after finishing those little food loves, the main course followed, starting with their Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Yang Chow Fried Rice - Php110.00

This bowl of Yangchow Fried Rice can serve 3 to 4 persons, depending on how much one of you can take. But believe me when I say that if you visit this place with 2 or 3 of your friends, having just a bowl of this dish will not be enough. This is one of the best Yangchow Fried Rice I had in my life, not too oily, the flavors were intact and the rice was of perfect choice, so I suggest to have a stand-by Yangchow Fried Rice once you go here. ^_^

The partner, or should I say partners, of this delicious fried rice were the short orders that HKR takes pride of.

BBQ Roast Pork (asado) - Php180.00

Roast Chicken - Php195.00 (half)

I'm not a big fan of ducks. I don't like that oily taste that they leave on my mouth. May it be roasted or fried, I can't seem to find a way to neglect that flavor. But with this HKR offering, I dunno how they did that. The taste and texture of the duck meat was different. It was good and it wasn't that oily. My stupid guess on how they manage to have that duck's meat grease-less was they fried it really well then hung it to hung to let go of all the excess oil. Heheh. But of course I might be wrong. One thing that I'm really sure is that I'll have this roasted chicken again when I come back. ^_^

As for the BBQ Roast Pork, all I can say is it was really, really good. A must-try here in HKR!

Miss Mary also let us taste their Black Chicken Sesame, which you can only find here in HKR. According to her, this dish used the silk chicken, which is a type of of fowl whose skin is completely black.

Black Chicken Sesame

It was my first time to see such black chicken and my first time to try such dish. I was really wondering how this chicken ended up so black, but nonetheless, my mind went blank the moment I chewed it up. It was like eating a fish with its bone but with this scaly feel. Actually, it was more like of a balut - the "sisiw" of the balut. Hehe. So if you like eating balut like me, and its "sisiw", I know you'll appreciate this one. But if not, well, they have more good tasting dishes on their menu like their Sate Beef Hofan, which was my most favorite from all the dishes that I got to try from them.

Sate Beef Hofan - Php160.00 (light)
                                   - Php240.00 (heavy)

Another must-try from them! This is perfect to satisfy those Chinese food cravings because this one is really great and I know all the people I'm with will agree with me on this.

Another fresh noodle dish that they shared to us was their Sate Beef Noodle.

Sate Beef Noodle - Php115.00 (light)
                                     - Php185.00 (heavy)

Now, this one is perfect for rainy season. The soothing and steaming flavor of the soup, the freshness of the noodles and the  tenderness of the beef was delectable. It was like a ramen dish that I really love but made more homey and more affordable.

To complete this amazing food trip, we were served with Coffee Jelly, one of their best desserts, and their own version of French Toast.

Coffee Jelly - Php 35.00

French Toast - Php65.00

The Coffee Jelly was a so-so, but the French Toast  was really a blast! It was "the best French Toast" I've ever had. And until now, I can help but to get excited just talking about it. It was that yummy!

Their French Toast has a sesame filling that made it more delicious. You should really, really try this one! ^_^

I've never been to Hongkong and I haven't tasted any authentic Hongkong dish yet, but having Hongkong Roast here in Makati just made me realize that I don't need to out of beautiful country anymore, I can have a taste of their dishes right here in my comfort zone.

To Miss Mary Chan and to the rest of Hongkong Roast, thank you so much!
I know that in a short span of time, you'll be needing a new venue to share your delectable meals! God bless and til next time!

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