Monday, September 12, 2011

Venice Piazza's The Great Market

Yuletide season is fast approaching, and with every metropolis human being getting so busy and all, the time left for them to enjoy one hearty meal is at night - some are on midnight. That's why Venice Piazza Mall came up with something so classy, so European yet so Pinoy when it comes to prices and flavors with launch of The Great Market.

In partnership with Megaworld's Venice Piazza, Merseville, The Great Market's organizer, brought up this one-stop place that will give great value to your money with their unique and world-class offerings that you will surely fill your tummies.

I had a chance to check out this place a few weeks ago, and I'd say that even though the place wasn't that "great", I enjoyed its not-so-busy foodie spots and harmonious ambiance.

I tasted some of their offerings too, and I'm glad that they have a great range of flavors that my palette really enjoyed.

If you want some Korean, they have the KBOP, where I enjoyed these crunchy and yummy dumplings. 

If you want amazing Chinese dishes, I recommend Polland - one of my top favorites from this market place. ^_^

For some, Mexican treat. Mexikanto offers Pinoy-style Mexican dishes that will satisfy your South American cravings. ^_^

And if ever you are just craving for some sweet delights, The Great Market houses quite a number of dessert stalls that will make that sweet tooth happy.

I personally enjoyed the treats from MedChef. I have tasted his creations before, and I think that the young chef keeps getting better and better! ^_^

Divine Cookies was also present that night with offerings such as Brazo Bars and Chocolate Cookies! ^_^

The Great Night Market is open 10:00pm to 4:00am from Mondays to Thursdays.

So, if you are hungry and just around the area during those days and time, enjoy a Venetian night at Venice Piazza's The Great Market.

Did I forget to tell that beers are also available?

Happy eating and drink moderately! ^_^

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