Thursday, September 8, 2011

Iloilo's Tatoy's Manokan

Ilolo, aside from it wonderful history and amazing tourist spots, is also popular all over globe for its tasty dishes. And if you are heading to Iloilo and still dunno where to eat, well, you shouldn't forget to include in your itinerary a place where every dish seemed so affordable - Tatoy's Manokan!

Tatoy's Manokan is Iloilo's version of "paluto" or the Seaside that we have here in Metro Manila. With its wide selection of pork, beef, seafood and vegetable dishes that you can order, Tatoy's Manokoan is the perfect answer to those Iloilo dishes' cravings.

When we arrived in Iloilo, Tatoy's has been one of our top priorities to visit. We've heard a lot of great things about the place, so missing it is a big mistake.

Open from morning til late night, Tatoy's filled our tummies with Iloilo delights that made our trip here so memorable.

On our visit here, we ordered their famous dishes that made Tatoy's a household name when it comes to cooked food.

One of the dishes that was told to us to have from here is the Iloilo's version of Spain's Paella Valenciana.

Paella Valenciana

A sticky rice-base dish originated from Spain. Paella Valenciana is a seafood version of Paella that you'll enjoy even without any viand, since it is packed with a lot of seafood! ^_^ As for the taste and aroma, the curry-ish aroma was just okay, it gave somehow authentic feel like what we have from a typical Spanish restaurant. The taste was a little sweet comparing it again to the other paella that I got to try before. :)

As for the viands, Tatoy's offers different style of cooking that you'd like. From grilled, steamed or just regular cooking style, you'll be surprise that everything will turn all so delicious.

Our first dish came from their regular cooking style, the Clam Soup. With its invigorating taste, probably because of the swimming ginger in it, my friends and I enjoyed the freshness appeal of the clams that filled our bowl.

Clam Soup

We also had their Grilled Salmon, which to our delight tasted really nice and perfect! ^_^

Grilled Salmon

And, of course, one dish that we didn't miss when we visited Tatoy's was their very, very affordable Steamed Oyster. I'm not a big fan of steamed oysters, really, but this one was quite good.

Steamed Oysters

And lastly, one of my favorite Pinoy food that made me so happy was this Chicharong Bulaklak.

Chicharong Bulaklak

Super love it! But if you have heart problems, well, this one is not for you! ^_^

Iloilo's Little Chilies

Alongside those tasty dishes, was a small bowl filled with vinegar and these chilies. It was my first time to try these little chilies from Iloilo, and to my shock, it was sooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooot!!! So, to warn you all before you crush them, these minis are deadly hot! ^_^

To refresh me from this gastronomic journey that I had here at Tatoy's and to quench the fire that was brought by those chilies, I had their fresh buko. In all fairness, I think this drink suited to the ambiance of the whole place.

We got so full that we skipped having desserts anymore.

The experience was so memorable that will make go back here to try their other dishes. We were so glad that Iloilo has this kind of place where you can have a taste of their world-class dishes.

Thank you, Tatoy's Manokan!
Happy eating, everyone! ^_^

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