Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iloilo's Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy

Waking up on a cold Saturday morning  in Iloilo City is probably one of the best things I enjoyed when I visited this humble province. The traffic-less weekend morning, the cool breeze and the warm morning smiles that I noticed on every face that I saw that morning,  only one thing left to finally call it a great morning.... The hot and delicious La Paz Batchoy!

I know there'll be some of you who will disagree with me on this. And I know that there'll be some who would say that there are far more better places to enjoy this world-famous Iloilo dish, but I guess, for a first-time visitor like me, trying this sumptuous dish at Ted's is enough to say that it is indeed a world-class dish.

Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy is said to be one of the best La Paz Batchoy-base food establishments in Iloilo. And with their wide variety of this dish, I have no doubt that most of my friends who've been here suggested me this place instead.

When I and two of my superfriends went in one of their branches on that Saturday morning, I'm glad that the place was still empty. With only four to six people who were dining in, we got a good seat near the counter and breathe all those yummy aroma coming from their kitchen.

With no more hesitations, we went straight to the counter and asked for their La Paz Batchoy. My other friend and I ordered their Extra Super Special while our other friend asked for Special one since she doesn't like Pork Kidney. We actually wanted to have "puto" as a partner of this hot, invigorating breakfast, unfortunately, putos were still unavailable that morning, so we just had this meal instead.

Extra Super Special - Php68.00

Special - Php60.00

The only difference of Extra Super Special to Special is the additional Fried Pork Kidney toppings.

I'd say that Ted's Extra Super Special was really good. Its calming flavor and awakening broth was really perfect to start my day. The pork kidney gave a nice blend to the hot soup that I found really luscious, no wonder they named it Extra Super Special.

And with a price like that, with a bowl, half full of noodles and one-forth full of meaty ingredients, I'd say that this dish gave a great value of my money.

My friend let me taste of her Special Batchoy, and I'd say that it was quite good too. I guess it's not bad to have it too, especially if you are not that into animal innards.

So, if you are visiting Iloilo for the first time  and planning to try Iloilo's best of the best dishes, Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy is a good choice to start your wonderful journey on this lovely city down south.

Happy eating!

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