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Chef's Table - And the 27 Dishes I had in One Day!

With a lot of fine-dining restaurants sprouting everywhere, how do you choose which one suits you best? Would you like to have Italian, French, American or our very won Filipino cuisine? If you are geared up for some high-standard, exquisitely designed spot where you can have a perfect view of the chef who's been so busy preparing your favorite Filipino dishes, the place is called Chef's Table.

Located at the The Fort, Taguig City, I had one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life! Yes, I had 27 dishes at Chef Bruce Lim's Chef Table! ^_^

I was invited  few days ago to check out this place, and what I thought would a formal luncheon turned out to be a hearty, tummy-filling and feast-like treat that my tummy and heart really, REALLY enjoyed.

The Chef's Table has this geometrical (masculine, as some would like to call it) interior that highlights not only the pleasing chef's tables placed inside this two-level spot but also the huge chef's kitchen that will boost your appetite and will excite you as you watch your ordered dishes prepared. The sight was very inviting, really, with every spot as shiny as our favorite car, Chef's Table is simply an indulgence even to our keen eyes.

Their menu was quite a surprise to me because all of the dishes were Philippine-base. And finding a fine-dining restaurant that offers its own version of these world-class Filipino dishes was really a brave thing, if I may say.

And so to start making you drool over the sumptuous feast that I had on this remarkable place, let me start sharing your these four appetizers.

Crab Cakes - Php370.00

Cebuana Chili Chicken Wings - Php210.00

Ensaladang Tuna at Salmon - Php250.00

Cold Pancit - Php230.00

Among these four awesome appetizers that boosted our appetite that day, believe it or not, I enjoyed the sweet and tasteful flavor or Cold Pancit. It is very unusual for me to enjoy a cold dish (except for desserts), and having this Cold Pancit down to its last strand was really something that I would love to do again. I found it perfectly blended with a taste that that was very comforting.

The enjoyable appetizers was quickly followed by these uniquely prepared Filipino soups, which I think you can only have here at Chef's Table.

Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup - Php210.00

Reversed Sotanghon Soup - Php150.00

Cool Watermelon Soup - Php180.00

Chilled Carrot and Ginger Soup - Php250.00

Chilled Carrot and Ginger was immediately the  crowd's favorite because of its biting effect that we enjoyed. The Reversed Sotanghon too was perfect that day, very soothing and flavorful. But what impressed us all was the really unbelievably delicious flavor of Kangkong Melon Soup. It was simply impressive!

Aside from those nourishing dishes, we were also offered with 4 delectable and healthy salad creations of Chef Bruce Lim.

Lato - Php150.00

Davao Salad - Php310.00

Inasal na Chicken Caesar Salad - Php280.00

Chef' Salad - Php260.00

And with these four, I actually had a hard time telling which one was my favorite because simply each one has a distinct flavor and texture that I enjoyed, being a raw-veggie lover me. For some distinct Pinoy salad, Lato is the best choice. If you want something sweet and crunchy, Davao Salad is the perfect for it. For a more tender and and juicy, yet very refreshing salad, the Inasal na Chicken Caesar will give you that experience. But if you want something that is truly remarkable, Chef's Salad is all you could wish for.

From healthy salads, the chef's table in front of us was slowly filled with three of Chef's Table's best pasta dishes that young and adult could enjoy.

Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti - Php210.00

Banana Heart Carbonara - Php280.00

Beef Steak Pasta - Php230.00

Beef Steak Pasta, for its sweetness and simplicity, was said to be the children's favorite from this place. If you'd ask me, it was good, though, I'm that biggie into to penne pasta. The Banana Heart Carbonara was god too, but comparing it to Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, which I never thought I'd love, oh, well, the taste of calamansi and tuyo on spaghetti was really empowering and riveting that would make you crave for more! SUPER DUPER DELICIOUS! This is actually my top two favorite from this place. ^_^

With those appetizer, soup, salad and pasta dishes, I'd say that we were already full. But since we agreed to finish the entire indulgence down to its last dish, after some breathing and drinking, which by the way reminded me of the drinks that we had, the feast continues.

Green Mango Shake - Php110.00

Eve's Ido (cocktail) - Php150.00

Before the main entrees (note: with "S") started filling our corner of chef's table, we were first introduced to Chef's Table specialty rice mix. The aroma of these rice mixes were so tempting and gave us a hard time to say no.

Aligue Rice - Php65.00

Tinapa Rice - Php65.00

I loooove their Aligue Rice, but since it is aligue, I ate cautiously. I don't want putting my face flat on the chef's table. ^_^

After that short introduction to the main entrees' partners, the marching band of Chef's Table's best of the best main entrees started filling our table starting with Binagoongang Baboy that made us forget what we had earlier. Hahaha! Matakaw lang talaga. ^_^

Binagoongang Baboy - Php380.00

Salted Eggs and Minced Pork - Php120.00

Prawn Aligue My Way - Php350.00

Chill-A-Fino - Php550.00

Corned Pork - Php380.00

Kare-Kare - Php450.00

Having a grandmother who hails from Pampangga, Binagoongang Baboy is something that we usually have back when she was still alive. And having it here again at Chef's Table, with its mesmerizing flavor and the tender pork bits, it just reminded me of my lovely "Ima". The dish was so heart-warming.

Salted Eggs and Minced Pork, despite of its simple appearance compare to the other entrees has a notable smack on the palette. One comforting dish that I really enjoyed  too.

Prawn Aligue My Way, on the other hand, was one of the dish that I'd be glad to share to my parents from this place. The tastiness and the appetizing color of this dish is truly an eye-catcher.

Chill-A-Fino was another dish that I would never forget from Chef's Table. The exceptional plating and combination of flavors was truly memorable. It was also my first time to have the ube mash, which is like an ube jam but not sweet, blended with the Chinese-style steamed lapu-lapu fish. I am amazed as how Chef Bruce made this dish worth-remembering. I'd love to have this once again on my next visit!

As for the Corned Pork, which is a dish consisted of creamy laing and soft pork strips, though, I'm not a laing lover, I appreciate it's taste most especially when eaten with the Tinapa Rice. There was this riot of flavor in my mouth that ended with a peaceful and enjoyable blending.

And the last dish that took my heart away and gave me the reason to check out Chef's Table from time to time, is the best Kare-Kare I've ever had in my life! With its oh-so-good pork knuckles and eggplant caviar that gave this whole dish a splendid twist, this Kare-Kare is the looooove in here, and definitely a must-try for you who are drooling right now! ^_^ Hehe.

Despite of our bulging tummies that day due to all of those overwhelming, sumptuous and hard-to-resist dishes, we still indulge to Chef's Table's last offering to end this wonderful lunch with sweetness - desserts!

And with these desserts, Chef's Table just took our hearts away and made a homerun!

Mango Cheese Cake - Php180.00

Buko Pie Martini - Php150.00

Biko with Calamansi Cream Sauce - Php110.00

Banana-Mango Jubilee - Php130.00

Langka Creme Brulee- Php130.00

Believe it not, the moment these nicely colored sweets made a touchdown on our tables, it seems like our palettes went back to zero acted as if nothing happened before these.... We were all salivating to try them! ^_^

And among these 5 slobbery desserts, my heart goes to two of them, the Mango Cheese Cake (I'm a sucker for cheesecakes) and the Banana-Mango Jubilee.

Mango Cheese Cake has it very comforting texture that I enjoyed in my mouth, while the Banana-Mango Jubilee has this Filipino taste that was just so heart-warming - a taste that any cuisine in the world can't beat. 

Oh, it was one splendid, splendid, splendid lunch treat that I will never forget! 

It was my first time to eat that a lot and the thought of not making it til the end brushes away every time each of these dishes filled our eyes with its wonderful presentation, our noses with its inviting aroma and our palettes with its magnificent flavors!

Chef's Table just prove it's worth to us that despite of the sprawling competitors out there, may it be local like them or international restaurants that are making its way to the country, their wonderful presentation of dishes, their unique twists on our country's world-class food and the warm and pleasant accommodation that they give to every guest has its won Filipino mark that we will surely enjoy time after time after time.

Thank you, Chef's Table! Thank you so much!

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