Friday, October 21, 2011

The Red Crab Series: Crustasia Asian Bistro at Rockwell

Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and China - dishes from these countries made the menu of this elegant foodie spot in Rockwell Power Plant Mall at Makati City more delicious and more festive. And with its contemporary take on these world-class dishes, I'm sure you'll also enjoy dining in its lovely place as we did. Crustasia... a little bit of Asia.

Last Friday, together with my favorite foodie friends, we indulged to the most challenging foodie treat that we've ever had. Challenging not only because we were offered with a lot of dishes, but we also got to taste the spiciest and hottest dishes that Asia could offer to the world.

As you may all know, I'm not a "tough" guy, and one of the things that makes me a not-so-tough guy is spicy food. I can tolerate a little bite of chili on my food, and anything more than that, well, I need a pail of water. Hehe.

But before I share to all of you the dishes that we enjoyed from Crustasia, let me share to you their lovely place and its captivating interior.

According to Sir Leo Vergara, most of the designs of Crustasia Asian Bistro Rockwell is inspired by China. The wonderful wall paintings and light pieces are mix and match of contemporary Asia to give the place an inviting and modern look.

We also got to meet their handsome chefs who happily welcomed us and accommodated us to this tummy-filling session.

Chef from Indonesia and Chef from Thailand

And so, without further ado, here are the dishes that we enjoyed that night - dishes that sizzled our night and made us all sweat. Hehe.

For starter, we had their Thai Catfish Salad. 

Thai Catfish Salad - Php245.00

To be honest, this is the one dish that didn't impress me much. It was good, but since I had this kind of salad before from an all-Filipino food restaurant, I just think that it is too simple. Nothing too fancy and the taste was almost the same as the one that I had before.

The Grand Javanese Sampler - Php295.00

As for the Grand Javanese Sampler, which is consisted of Indonesian bread stuffed eggs and meat curry, spicy dillis and peanut, Indonesian assorted crackers and corn fritters, well, it was really not that grand but the taste was remarkably unique. I'm not sure if everybody can enjoy this, but for me, I enjoyed having this. The mix of comforting flavors was really something that I think kids would appreciate too.

Thai Style Grilled Squid - Php285.00

Another kids-will-love dish from this place is this Thai Style Grilled Squid. It's chewiness was really nice and its taste was just simple. Simple enough enough to eat without any fuss. 

Sichuan Boiled Catfish - Php395.00

If you are thinking of a soup, you are wrong about this one. Because one wrong move of sipping the soup of this Sichuan Boiled Catfish, your butt will fire up and your face will definite turn into one flaming lava rock. AND.I.AM.NOT.KIDDING.ABOUT.IT.

Those red and black stuff the you are seeing are slices of chilies spread all over this dish. Thank God that chef made sure that we are all listening to him before we dig into this. He said that the only ingredients that we could eat from this dish were the bean sprout and the catfish. And believe it or not, despite of it being too spicy, the catfish tasted really, really great! Challenging, indeed!

Hunan Cumin Ribs - Php465.00

Another dish that spiced up our night was this Hunan Cumin Ribs. Though, the look is too simple, this one will surely leave fire in your mouth. The crunch was really nice, too, something that you'll love with a beer.

All Meat Sate Sampler - Php685.00

Another fun food to eat was this All Meat Sate Sampler. The char, the aroma, the taste of the meat were all perfect! I will never get tired having this one. And with it's really tasty dips, I'm sure kids and kids at heart will ask for more sates. 

Indonesian Sweet Soy and Butter Crab
(price depends on the weight)

And finally, the one that made us all drool, and I'm sure you'll do too, was this Indonesian Sweet Soy and Butter Crab. I guess nothing can beat this one. It's grand presence on our table really made our night! A must-have from Crustasia Asian Bistro!

With all these dishes that we had, I'd say that I'm still looking forward to my next visit to Crustasia Asian Bistro. I've read quite a few more interesting dishes on their menu that will give me a great pre-taste of what's out there in Asia, and by that alone, I'm all excited.

Thank you Crustasia and see you again soon!

And oh, you might be lucky too. We got to see Sam Milby at Rockwell and my friend Cathie, who's a big fan, got photographed with him. Hihihi.

Lucky girl, eh? Hehe. Lucky us! ^_^

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  1. I can normally tolerate spicy food pero di ko kinaya ang ilan sa spicy dishes ng Crustasia! Pero nag enjoy ako sa dinner, as usual, the Red Crab Group didn't disappoint with this one! :)

    P.S. haha, nakita din namin si Sam Milby sa parking lot naman.


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