Monday, October 10, 2011

Late Night Bingeing at Downtown Bacolod

On our last night in Bacolod, my superfriends and I tried a different experience that we wouldn't do in Metro Manila. Something that some foodies wouldn't even dare to try to if they are out of town too - eat on sidewalks. And if there's one perks that our hotel has, which is the King's Hotel btw, it'll the sidewalk foodie stations that are just outside it.

It was already past 11 o'clock at night and finding a decent place around our hotel was one thing we didn't expect. And since Bacolod is non-7-Eleven county, we ended up having our late night dinner in one of the food stalls we found along Gatuslao Street.

I was actually having a doubt that night if we will enjoy our meal here, because knowing my superfriends, who are big fans of pizza and pasta, bingeing on some street food like these, in a place that we are not that familiar, was really not our ideal food trip.

But then again, as our stomachs grumbled and as if we have other choices, we looked into those fresh meats on display and decided to order our last meal in Bacolod. One good thing about it probably is by the time that these stalls display their goods, motorized vehicles were all gone.

I really wanna try their version of Chicken Inasal, but since I'm afraid that my chicken allergy might be a problem on our way back home, we all opted to have 3 pieces of Pork Barbecue each, a cup of rice and a bottle of softdrinks.

Our barbecues!

The barbecue was okay, really. Nicely cooked and to our shock it was just Php7.00 each! So I guess it wasn't that bad at all. All in all we spent Php33.00 each for this meal.

We didn;t fel anything bad after eating those, so I guess I can recommend it to all of you. ^_^

And with this experience, we appreciate Bacolod more. An experience I would love to try again on my next visit! ^_^

Thank you, Bacolod! Happy eating, everyone! ^_^

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