Monday, October 10, 2011

Bacolod: Take Me Back to Calea!

After salivating over pictures and blog posts and pictures and blog posts of my friends who had a taste of these sumptuous cakes from Bacolod City, I finally had my own time to dig in to these sweet and delicious and enjoyed these fantastic Calea cakes! Wee!

From having a hearty lunch at Manokan Country and after buying some pasalubong at BongBong's, my superfriends and I spent some time visiting this sweetest place in Bacolod. I believe Calea has just been there for a few years, but travelers consider the place a must-visit now , and its cakes a must-have!

I never thought that they really have these wide selection, and to surprise us more, the prices were really that affordable! Compared to the other coffee shops I tried here in Manila, Calea offer not just enjoyable treats but also pocket-friendly delights too - something that Manila coffee shops must have. 

And so, with every piece looking sooooo yummy, my superfriends and I decided to give out our orders - a one helluva hard time that we all had fun with. ^_^

The interior of their shop near L'Fisher Hotel has this typical coffee shop appeal, but I tell you, be prepared to see a lot of its patron every hour filling each corner. One of the staff told us that the place gets crowded by 4 p.m. til night since this spot is close to La Salle Bacolod too.

My superfriends and I had a slice of their best-tasting cakes and coffee, and I tell you again, if it isn't for that hearty Manokan Country lunch, I think we would have two slices each. Hehe.



Carrot Cake

Apple Cake

Fruity Cheesecake

I ordered the Fruity Cheesecake since I find it really inviting among others. I liked it! I'm not a big fan of cheesecakes but I like this one, not too sweet and the the texture was really fine - melts in the mouth as they call it. My other super friend find her Carrot Cake a little sweet, and since I'm big on sweets, I ended up finishing her cake too. Hehe.

Their cakes are perfect partner for those coffee, so we really enjoyed our first visit here Calea - a sweet and memorable visit, indeed!

And now I can help but to get too excited and book another flight back to Bacolod to have a taste of their cakes again!

Happy eating!


  1. hello! can you tell me the range of the prices? your review is amazing!

  2. Hi! prices are ranging from 70pesos to 95pesos. :-)


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