Monday, October 24, 2011

Appetite Magazines' Restaurant Festival 2011

Enjoy these amazing treats that are properly selected and prepared by Shangri-La Plaza's best of the best restaurants, as Appetite Magazine celebrates the tummy-filling Restaurant Festival 2011

From October 14 to November 30, expect a gastronomical trip around the world from the 13 participating restaurants that will give you wonderful, mouth-watering dishes. There's C2 Classic Cuisine, Cafe Provencal, Clawdaddy, Cravings, Crustasia Asian Bistro, Cyma Restaurants, Green Tomato, Lemon Grass, Pages Deli, Pepper Lunch, Secret Recipe, Pho Hoa and Sing.

And last week, as they opened their doors to all foodies, I was tagged along by my foodie friend Mhel, and we, together with a hundred more foodies got a chance to be the first one to have a taste of this year's festival's sampler menus. AND I MUST SAY, I went home SO FULL!

Upon registration, they gave us this passport that served as our ticket to check out every dish from the 13 restaurants. And from there, after a short program hosted by Miss Sam Oh, everyone indulged to the tastiest, yummiest and most appetizing dishes inspired by the thousand of dishes all over the world.

And since I'm on a kinda super-happy, super-hungry mode and super-no-plan-what-to-eat, I headed first to that place that offers light, healthy and comfortable food - Green Tomato.

On the plate: Spinach Dumpling, Sausage and Shrimp Pasta, Four Cheese Pizza and Tiramisu.

It was my first time to try Green Tomato, and I'm glad that I headed to their place first. The pasta, though a little hot, tasted really nice and light, the dumpling was very interesting to eat, the pizza was the love and the tiramisu was just excellent! One complete meal that I find soooo nice!

And since my appetite was boosted by that Green Tomato plate, I went for another around, and this time I had the inviting sandwiches of Pages Deli. Well, plus that pasta. Hehe.

On the plate: Seafood Pasta and three kinds of sandwiches with chips. :-)

These plates got me so full, so instead of having my third plate, I went around the venue and checked out the other dishes that the restaurants prepared for us. ;-)

I also got a chance to check out the sweet treats that were prepared for those sweet-tooth people like me, and they've made it all just the way we want it, world-class!

Oh, so hard to resist, right?! So, instead of leaving the place after getting too full from those two plates, I had my final plate filled with different desserts from different restaurants.

On the plate: Durian Cremebrulee, Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Bar, Mango Cream Crepe and Indonesian Banana and Caramel Crepes.

And, yes, happiness all over me! The best food festival I've been to so far! Hahaha!

To know more about the Appetite Restaurant Festival, you can check out their website,, or you can just follow their Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Account for more updates.

Happy eating!

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